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November 18, 2009


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Oh my goodness, too much cleaning!!


whoa, whoa, whoa!

why are you Spring cleaning in the Fall? :o)

good luck to you with all that cleaning. after all that, you'll deserve a few good days of thrifting, eh?


Very pretty - and I thought I was the only one who spring cleaned in the fall - LOL


Such pretty fabric! (and yes, it *is* stuck in my head now.)


Just think, it is gonna be "blue skies" after you get all that cleaning out of the way. Then you can put on your own Christmas music, as you joyfully dance around your clean home and decorate for the holiday. I always do major cleaning too, just before a holiday. Makes me feel more prepared!


Oh you are a lucky one!! What super great finds!!
Hugs, Lisa


Your a girl after my own heart - some days you just HAVE to do that cleaning (even if its the kind you think hmmmm should'nt hubby be doing this - certainly hope yours was helping you). Love the fabric to. Jewels


That is absolutely the most beautiful vintage Christmas fabric I've ever seen -- candy canes AND bows -- I can't stand it. A find like that certainly would put you in the spirit -- even without the musical accompaniment.


Ooo, I want everything in the first picture... you can keep the jadite, tho I love that too, but I'll leave you something..:). And then, I would like the Christmas fabric please. *deep sighs here... I've not found anything good thrifting lately... I sure would have loved that fabric though..

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Geez, are you having the Queen over for dinner or something? Why would you want to do all of that?! When you could be making something with that oh so cute fabric! Get your priorities straight woman!!


I think you've succeeded in getting even me into the Christmas spirit! Well done! It has been years since I've felt it.

Shelley G in Iowa

Do I dare admit I have been paying Christmas music for two weeks, too?

Love your photo, you always do the best job with your photos. I can't even believe that's fabric, not plastic. It appears to be brand spanking new! It sounds like the thrifting fairy was with you that day!

I hope you are having with your cleaning. I swear I have ADD and bounce from one project to another, I rarely feel like I've accomplished anything!

Shelley G in Iowa

Oh, and you notice I can't proofread either....it's part of the ADD!


that's what i did the last two days! cleaning and more cleaning, but the house looks great! we are having thanksgiving so i'll need to clean after too, even the basement got an overhaul! have a wonderful thanksgiving!


You must be nesting!

I love hearing thrifting stories like that! Non-thrifters just don't understand.

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Oh I love that fabric. It is very beautiful. Great post!!!

Sheila at Halo Hill

I understand! Oh the jadeite! I adore it, and yet I can't even find the fake kind (can't afford the real McCoy). I love it though! Very pretty!!

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