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November 04, 2009


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Loving the pilgrim, tha tablcloth and all things flocked! Happy Birthday to Mr. Oodles! Mine is Friday.


I love your finds! Where do you live? I live in Nashville and we NEVER have stuff this cool in our thrift stores here. I want to move where you live!
(Oh, and my birthday is Sunday. Scorpios rule!)


I happy to hear that you are in good spirits and the thrifting is going amazingly well. I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to make with those torn apart items from the big box -- and to the hoosier all decked out for Thanksgiving.


Your post today is just enough to make me start thinking about Christmas, that and the fact that Goodwill was LOADED with Christmas goodies today. I picked up three little choir boy Gurley candles, love 'em! I want the vintage tablecloth fairy to come to my house, lucky you!


Oh you got the good stuff!!!
Love the Thanksgiving too!!
Hugs, Lisa

LiLi M.

First: congrats to your husband!! Here ex-prisoners actually work at the thrift store as it is a chance for them to get working experience. I have the Halloween stuff still around, we don't celebrate thanksgiving and I think it's a tad early for Christmas (Our Santa wouldn't allow it either) and we don't want to face a decoration gap, do we?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Happy Birthday Mr. Oodle!
Like LiLi M, we also have a thrift store that is worked by ex-cons. I rarely ever go there. The whole vibe is icky!
I'm so excited for all of the thrift and antique stores to get their Christmas on! I'm giving them all one more week, then I will pounce!
Wonderful finds, especially that bottle brush wreath. Happy happy, joy joy!!

Lavender Dreams

Happy Birthday to hubby! I hope he enjoys his cake! I love everything you found...especially the sweet deer. I am always on the look out for deer and pixies! I'll have to start looking around, too!


I love all this adorable Christmas stuff! I know November has barely started, but I'm already really excited for Christmas.

Also, happy, happy birthday to your hubby!


What a haul!! And what a sweet friend. And can't forget hubby - Happy Birthday.


That store reminds me of one here in Hampton, run by a couple of very old ladies and it is just room after room of the most bizaree crap. But what's especially weird is that everything has been carefully packaged, mostly individually, in baggies and with little price stickers. But not cheap and it's stuff you wouldn't want anyway. It's just weird.
Happy Birthday to MrO.
xo, suzy

Shelley G in Iowa

Boy! Talk about never ending goodies! Amazing all the stuff you found. I went out thrifting yesterday and came home with nothing. Even the few things that were interesting were so overpriced! On the bright side, only 4 days 'til my next auction. I WILL finish posting about this last one before I allow myself to go to another.


Okay - now I really have to ask - where do you STORE all this stuff!!! And yes that gold choirboy creeps me out too (he actually looks like he is in some kind of shock). You always find stuff when you least expect it - and how great to have "donations" made to your collection (I need to get my hubby to start spreading the word about his junkie wife - oops, that doesn't sound right does it...LOL) Jewels

laurie magpie ethel

That is enuf for one post....find after find after find! I can't believe you pick up an object as a "just in case weapon"....I need to shop with you someday! And glad to see a couple of reindeer made it into the shot...
And to top it off you end the day with a birthday cake...it doesn't get much better!
oh happy day!


Do you let anyone know where you're going before you shop at this establishment? Just sayin'...if you NEED A WEAPON... -amy


I know I always say this, but I want to come thrifting with you! You find the best stuff and you have the funniest stories.

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