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December 10, 2009


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Lavender Dreamer

Yes, I would be THRILLED, too! I love seeing all your vintage treasures! What a fun time of year!


He's adorable!!


I don't know him, but he sure is cute!


Any flirty Santa is a friend of mine! Too cute.

Sandy McClay

Santa....I know him!!!!!!!

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

Looks like a Santa mug, but I have not seen one with arms!! hehehe!


Oh I'm in love with that face! Merry and gay. Well gay in the old fashioned sense!haha


That Santa is just wonderful! What a happy find, please do share more... Hugs, Diane

Freckled Hen

Is his real name Holt-Howard? I was just catching up on your blog--Happy Birthday, I hope it was/is a good one for you. I love your cookie exchange pictures. We are having a party tomorrow night for my husband's squadron. I just added the RSVP's at 62. What will I do?! I am a nervous wreck!


I would be thrilled to see him staring back at me!!


Now I'm Jealous!
I don't know what he is, but I know I would have nabbed him. I am a regular to a lot of thrift stores in my city and there is very, very little out there. So I will just live vicariously through your photos. (which are really, really lovely, by the way)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Baker

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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh if only we could see the happy dance that you were doing inside your head when you saw him! Can't wait to see the full body shot. And I see people are wishing you a happy birthday, but I remember an innocent little comment that you made on one of your posts, that your birthday is nine days before Christmas. I only remember this because my daughter's birthday is Saturday, and I try to make it a really big deal and not blend it in with Christmas. So I hope that you're a really big deal on your birthday!


I am excited to see the full view Santa -- I am guessing he's a pitcher, but I really have no idea. Whatever he is, that is an adorable Santa face.

Re: Kathy Baker
Purchasing a link on your blogroll? Is she kidding....does anyone actually do this? I guess this is one of the annoying comments you were referring to earlier. So weird.

I used your photos of my wreath on my blog -- my pictures did not do it justice, although it looks really beautiful on the green mirror.


Santa! I know him! I know him!! (way too much ELF watching going on in my family!)

Cute! Is he Holt Howard!


The world is definitely a better place with Holt Howard in it. ox, suzy

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