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December 06, 2009


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Linda B

Love, love those plastic Santa candy holders. I know what you mean about creepy Santas though. Some are really scary. My three year old grandson is terrified of Santa and calls him the "Big fat scary red guy". He must have seen some of those old creepy evil grin Santas someplace.


Oh boy, I'm really liking that small rolly-poly Santa in second photo, top right hand on shelf. His big blue eyes are kinda bugging out...but cute!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I especially like those reeeeally fat plastic Santas. Somebody needs to lay off the sugar cookies! And I thought those were pieces of shredded wheat instead of feet on that one Santa. I think I might be in need of some glasses.


I just adore Mad Men! I have trouble keeping up with it, though, because of having to be in bed so early. I missed most of this season, and I'm not good with a vcr or anything like that. waaaa! I hope they run a MM marathon soon.
Happy holidays!

Lavender Dreamer

I am always so excited when I see you've posted! I can't wait to see what you've found and now what you're decorating looks like! I love the Santas and all the red and white! Beautiful!


No need to rearrange--this year's arrangement is lovely. I especially like the Christmas snow box tucked in there for a little contrast.

I got a vintage (I think) plastic light-up Santa, about 18" tall, at an auction last weekend and he really makes me smile. I know what you mean about the creepy vintage Santas, though!


Don't rearrange, it definitely goes there!

Brett Farve - hurray for old guys! I don't watch pro, but remember Brett from MANY years ago. I had a great college game day yesterday, even though the Bulls lost. I went there one miserable year.

Yes, that song is super creepy!! I remember my son saying when he was a tiny boy "that's just not right, mommy!" haha, so true.


Personally, I like the 2009 arrangement -- those few more Santas made a cute collection just that much cuter. I also love those little plump Santas -- especially the one on skis.

laurie magpie ethel

You about DOUBLED that Santa family!!! They look very jolly and just happy on those shelves. Santa is a cool dude.


I love your vintage Christmas decorations~ especially the Santas!


Great Santa collection! I certainly know what you mean about the creepy type. I know a few ladies who collect *any* Santa, and I just find many of them to be unacceptable. There's the cute/jolly Santa who brings presents, and then the other who just looks like an old man and does things like kiss mommies and "see you when you're sleeping." Ack!

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