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December 13, 2009


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Those little angels go perfectly with your pretty tea set :->
xo, suzy


Such great shots! Love those colors, and the angels. But the lamb takes the cake-how CuTe!


Pretty colors!


It wouldn't be Christmas without angels. Yours are lovely.

Brenda Kula

What sweetness to feast the eye on!


They look so precious all together!

Lavender Dreamer

They are precious! And I put some bulbs in a bowl, too! I think I need more!


I love your tea set too.

How do you keep from using for purposes other than decorating??


Like your other readers, I too love the colors in these photos, but all your displays are truly wonderful, Barbara.

Regarding your post above, about the photo limit:

I upgraded a while back, knowing that I would want to experiment more with tools that use more bandwidth, and I didn't want to worry about having limits on my blog, but I know that many people host their larger images on Flickr, for just this reason. I suppose the bigger the blog world becomes, the inevitable this becomes.

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