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December 03, 2009


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black eyed susans kitchen

Fabulous vintage Christmas items. I have that same set of Angels and now I have to go and find them. Little by little I am getting everything out, but it seems the more I do, the more of a mess ensues.
♥, Susan


I had the noel pj clan growing up and was thrilled to death to find them again on ebay a couple of years ago--not at a thrift store price mind you!
Your tin of beads for 99cents is killing me!
BRAVO!!!! Enjoy!


It is a sin to covet. But I do it when I'm here. Love your vintage christmas things. They speak to me. I must admit I had similar santa mugs my MIL gave me years ago. They were hers and she would feed my husband and his siblings hot chocolate in them. We didn't take good care of them. My children were little and I didn't realize the vintageness and beauty then. I was too wrapped up having 8 children. Now - I want them. But they have been broken and long gone. Part of it was I am passive aggressive with my MIL. Darn me.


Oh, those precious little pajama people! I know that stunned feeling when a masculine-type person mentions something that you never knew he even noticed. Isn't it odd, the things that make an impression on their XY chromosomes?


I'm late in throwing my 2 cents in, but I love the Santa mugs. I have several in many different sizes. I have the NO portion of the noel Santas. I also have a set of angels spelling NOEL. Your pajama clad angels are ADORABLE.
Visiting your blog always makes me happy, but I especially love it here at Christmastime.


I always buy any N-O-E-L things that are in individual pieces. Why? Because I give them all to my dad L-E-O-N and he reconfigures all of them to say LEON at the holidays. It is getting harder to find him a new NOEL/LEON item every year! It is funny to see sweet cerbu faced choirs singers spelling out LEON!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Geez, the next time someone says I've got alot of vintage Christmas stuff, I'm sending them right over here! I was just thinking yesterday how sad it is to put all of this stuff away at the end of the season, because it all makes me so HAPPY! I feel drunk after looking at all of your goodies!

Lavender Dreamer

You find the neatest stuff! I'm decorating a little today! Please stop by my blog soon! Happy Holidays!


I will NEVER tire of looking at vintage Christmas - and you have such a great collection!


I hate that cherry game with a fiery passion, but that christmas one? I would play that with Jack for hours. Wonder what the chances are of finding on fleabay...off to look.


Love, love, love your vintage stash! The noel angel candleholders are my favorites. Santa game is something I never saw before. Your son is too funny! Your guilt even funnier. Although, I can relate. I need to literally fly to your thrift shop. Ours has nothing of vintage value.


I just started a NOEL collection last year, or rather it started itself when I brought home a huge wardrobe box full of christmas stuff from an estate sale. I bought the whole box for $10, it was like a giant grab bag because I had no idea what was in it. One of the items was a fabulous NOEL candle holder thingie, and then I remember that I had another set that I had gotten somewhere. Then the next day I found another at a thrift and you know what you have 3 of something, you've got a collection. Now of course I'm looking to add to it, because why not? I've especially like those Santa mugs, I've not seen those before. xo, suzy


omg, all those typo's and grammatical errors. Yes, it's been a long day and I deserve this glass of wine damnit.

Into Vintage

Oh boy - now I'll never be able to walk past a tin in a thrift store without picking it up. Just in case its 'chockablock full' of something amazing. Your finds kill me. -amy

Laurie magpie ethel

I LOVE YOUR POSTS....they always make me happy, happy, happy! The last photo is just plain silly Christmas fun! (score on that tin of garland....BIG SCORE!)


Dang woman, now I have to open all those crappy, non-vintage tins, don't I? Please tell me that it wasn't at the SA in Auburn because I think I saw a tin like that there two weeks ago. And that cherry game? Beyond cute. Of course I'm green.


I loved hi ho cherrio and I love your Santa game! I love the faces on the pajama kids.


You always have the best eye candy - thanks.
love the trim a tree game.


You certainly do have the coolest Christmas stuff! I have a set of little santa mugs just like the 2 tiny ones on your bottom shelf! They are so cute, and I found them in their original box at a garage sale here in Juneau! Maybe you have noticed as well they are just the right size for shots of peppermint schnapps??!!!


Oh, MERCY! I just found your blog a couple days ago...and you're just killin' me with all this vintage goodness for Christmas! I love it, absolutlely all of it, and how much cuter can it get?! You have a wondrous collection that I'm so glad you're sharing with us!

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