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December 18, 2009


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Do you have any of those Thanksgiving spirits left? As John Belushi said in Animal House-- "My advice to you- start drinking heavily!"

Hope things get better!!


Oh my goodness! That is quite a few days. Time for your neighbors to get a leash/dog run and USE IT!


Aww, Barbara! I'm going to feel bad for you just as soon as I quit laughing!

I stopped doing things like trying try to get our dogs to come home while *not quite suitably dressed* when a big gust of wind blew the door shut one time. I was locked out. Fortunately, I'm careless and the back door was unlocked. Whew!


Barbara, wow, you really had a severe "Murphy's Law" day. I'm hoping today is a calmer and more productive one for you. Meanwhile, you have given me some more comic relief...which is appreciated..although I'm sorry it is at your expence. Here is to a better day!

Freckled Hen

I would feel bad for you except you found such cool stuff on your last post...at a thrift store you don't even like --humph!
All kidding aside hope your day is better tomorrow.

Linda @ A La Carte

I am laughing...not at you but with you (I hope). Bless you honey it HAS to get better. Thanks for sharing your crazy life with us. Now don't you feel better??


Some days should just not be continued should they? At least it makes for hilarious blog fodder!
Now that you're pre-disastered, the rest of the holiday season should be a breeze! Here's hoping!


oh my goodness!! i hope that things hit the upswing soon! Blame it on the Julnisses! Well, except the Carson's escape...maybe the neighbourhood snowplow will get revenge for you soon! ;O)

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

OM Word!!! I am so sorry, but I am kinda laughing....hehehe!


Happens to the best of us my dear - and here is my Andy Williams story (for this year). Nice janitor who keeps my office "tidy" asks - Do you like Christmas Music? Why sure I reply (can't believe I heard myself saying that when I REALLY know what I think) - well doesn't he just plunk a CD of ANDY WILLIAMS CHRISTMAS SONGS on my desk and says Enjoy!OMG what do I do with that. I smiled nicely and accepted it in the spirit it was given (though it better not have been regifted)....Don't you love the holidays. Jewels


Lol. And here I'm feeling a little bit cranky and overwhelmed. huh... it's nothing compared to your day. lol.

Mary Ellen

Were you still scantily clad during the vacuum cleaning incident?

Beth Leintz

Wow, and I thought dog hair clogging the vacuum was a problem....you've had yourself quite a day. It can only get better from here...

Karla Nathan

It sounds like you are having a Clark Griswald style holiday.


Well, I didn't get my hair caught in the vacuum (probably because it is too short).
xo, suzy

Carol M

Too funny. Does running around outside looking for your dog while sporting a bathrobe and a a head full of hair dye count? Or finding a great place to put your gift purchases only to slam your forehead on the shelf above every time you add items? If so, then I am a member of the club!

Great post -- hope things go more smoothly!

linda t

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time. Sorry, but I needed the laugh. Maybe cuz I can so relate.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your forgetting to lock the door and the neighbor's dog getting in had me thinking of A Christmas Story, where The Bumpuses' dogs get in the house and rip apart the turkey! Hope you've battened down the hatches and are ready for the BIG snowstorm!

Lavender Dreamer

OH MY! I hope this was meant to be funny because it sure made me laugh! I went to 2 thrift stores today and found just a few goodies! I thought about you!

Shelley G in Iowa

All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not a member of this club! I'm so sorry you are! My advice, don't renew your membership! Hair in the vacuum? That had to hurt! I don't think I would have had such a sense of humor about it. Hope things get better!

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