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December 10, 2009


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black eyed susans kitchen

You are right Barbara...very happy things, indeed! Sigh...I love this time of year.
♥, Susan


I have a diabetic cat as well. For giving the insulin shots I bought the syringes with the smallest possibly needle, both short and thin. Then the vet told me to just grab some skin around her belly and shoot into that but try not to go all the way through both layers, did that a couple times in the beginning and then wondered why she was all wet on her side. ;) Good luck, my cat actually got over her diabetes and no longer requires the shots. I have a glucose monitor the I bought just for her that I could send you if you want it. It is just taking up space at our house.

stephanie Coop

I simple LOVE your wreathes, how in the world do you part with them? Love your blog....
Merry Christmas,
Stephanie Coop

Into Vintage

I was all excited about your wreaths (still am) until I saw your note about your diabetic cat. My cat was just diagnosed too, in August, and I've learned a lot in a short period of time. Let me know if you have any questions - sounds like you're a good cat mom. :-)

Back to reality now. Sadie Lou Who did a great job with her treasury - who knows? Maybe etsy's front page is next! -amy


Awww, that is the cutest dog story. Congrats on the feature and I love your wreaths, especially the reindeer! So pretty and festive!

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

Don't you just love doggies!! Thanks for the shout out too!!

LiLi M.

I think that I just forgot to congratulate you because of all my nagging, sorry! When is/was exactly your birthday? My whole life I was surrounded by Sagitariusses (is this the plural?). Today I travelled more than 3 hours to meet with my bff who has her birthday today. The heck with decorations, first things first!
I love that glass candle. My grandmother used to have a few and our family inherited them, but I think my mother threw them away as she would certainly have thought that this was kitch, not her style at all. I would have loved them :-(
(it looks like I always have to nag about something!)


I wanted to tell you that I think your angel wreath is the most beautiful wreath I have ever seen, the colors are so pleasing. Just wish I would've seen it earlier. Will you be making any more of these?


All your wreaths are beautiful. Sorry to hear about your kitty, but all will work out. That is so funny about your dog. I never heard of a dog that wouldn't eat alone. Such a sweet thing.
Keep warm!

Sadie Lou

I really just love your shop soooo much!!
I'll be looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations from you!
~Sadie Lou
CEO, LolliShops.com


oh I just love making wreaths too! Yours are BEAUTIFUL! Last night in the midst of all my chaos called life I sat down and made and all white wreath and LOVE IT. I need another wreath like a whole in my head but it makes me happy!
Speaking of Happy...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You December babies do get the short end of the stick! My husband is the first week in Jan. and we are all OVER it by then...poor guy!


Beautiful. It's so exciting to see great taste!
Oh, happy b day.

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