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December 11, 2009


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Santa mugs led to coffee mugs...I didn't know that!

I bought the darlingest vintage Santa and Mrs. Santa s&p shakers sometime earlier this year and just chucked them in my decoration cupboard and forgot about them. Then when I was pulling out my snowmen I saw this paper-wrapped bundle, wondered, "what in the world is this?" and was delighted to discover them all over again. They're on my kitchen windowsill now.

Those greenery canes are the BOMB. Love them!

laurie magpie ethel

If you were to shout "Holt Howard" in the thrift store and I was there too - I would shout it back at you like a holiday echo! Good score - those are adorable (I don't have them either....sad face)
Also loving on the bottlebrush candy canes...just when I think I have seen it all...a new vintage surprise to covet!


LOL! May we never be the ladies who talk to themselves in the thrift stores! hahaha

Lavender Dreamer

What a wonderful story! And now I know a little more about what to look for when I am thrifting! Enjoy your treasures! Way to go Freckled hen!

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board



So I recognized that little guy yesterday because I have the S shaker. No P.
:( But I like to think it's OK to just have the S because, in my mind, the S stands for Santa. I'm not sure what the P one would stand for by himself. And those candy canes? I've never seen anything like them either.


those are so cute! i laughed about the talking to yourself at the thrift store, too funny & true! love the bottle brush canes too, adorable!


What fabulous finds at the thrift store. One can't have enough Santa mugs. It is like their breeding! The candy canes are so unique and lovely. Enjoy!

Into Vintage

I would have let out a little yelp if I had come across those candy canes - I've never seen those before. And if you shouted "Holt Howard" and I heard it ... no telling what I might have done!

Brenda Kula

I didn't know what these were called. Love the info about them. I never seem to have any luck at our thrift shop, and can't figure out why. Everyone who has a blog seems to find things out the wazoo (sp?) and I have never once found anything I'd take home for free, much less pay for. Wonder what the secret is? Or could it just be our particular thrift store?


I have that same set - I love them so much. Found them at a thrift store last year, and I already had the napkin holder that matches and a Santa tray (small plate?) that were my mother-in-laws. I LOVE Holt Howard!
We have SO many of the same things. I know I keep saying that.....

Freckled Hen

Thanks for the shout out. It's nice to know I can be right occasionally as this doesn't happen very often. The little guys must be happy in their new home...they are in such grand company.
Happy weekend!
PS the party gave me a headache...and I didn't even have a drop of wine (or a bite of food I spent five days making). Sigh. I'm glad it's over.




Never knew your Grandma had a gift shop. So the treasure-hunting thing is in your genes!


I hadn't heard of Holt-Howard, but you're right - it did make for an excellent Google image search! Very cute stuff.

Your collections never cease to amaze me!

Jennifer Conway

GORGEOUS photo's! LOVE, love, love the Santa mugs with the green jadite! love....

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