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December 13, 2009


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Love the snowman corsage - let me know if it goes on Etsy!


Only a quarter! I love her too.

You shame me with your shopping accomplishments. I swear I'm going to finish up today. probably.
xo, suzy


What lovely rewards. You have to love those adorable yellow buttons.


Well, that was certainly worth the trip! Love the brown flowers - that would make a great pin or hair doo-dad for today. I think my grandma put that exact same snowman pic on a package for me one Christmas. I loved it, my mom thought it was old and tacky, there is no accounting for taste in my family!

Oh, and keep those pixies away from the eggnog! They seem to have had plenty.


Wonderful junk store scores! I never have that kind of luck!

Brenda Kula

I love that Santa! You find the most fun items! I need to go shopping with you.

Vintage Whimsy

I think you've just encouraged me to start/finish my Christmas shopping. When/if I do, I'm going to reward myself by going thrifting!!

Your goodies are amazing! I never find cool stuff like that around here. Well, certainly not for a quarter!

Into Vintage

I believe rewarded-and-a-half applies here.
I wonder who came up with the pantyhose-over-wire idea ... some clever crafty gal from the past with runs in her hose? Great stuff as always. *sigh*

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