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December 04, 2009


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how sweet that looks all together! i love your Christmas linen collection! enjoy your cookie exchange :)


I am just catching up with my Oodles reading. Can't wait to see your decorations tomorrow! In person! And your Thanksgiving postings cracked me up! I don't have a Swanky Swig, but I've been baking all day and am switching from now from water (and too many coffees) to vodka, lemonade and cranberry, with a twist of lime. ...

Into Vintage

I have been patiently waiting, not knowing but just guessing, that there are some amazing vintage Christmas linens lurking about at your place. Is that a glimpse of Santa's belt I see there? Is it?!


Is it me, or does that Santa making deliveries, look like Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants? I think all this holiday stress is getting me loopy! Anyway, love all the houses. I have some vintage plastic "Swiss Village" ones that I really would love to glitter up and embellish. Just never get around to it. Have fun making the cookies. So glad I stopped by for my daily laugh!


I can't remember exactly how you had them displayed last year, but they look wonderful all together on the cute white shelves. I wish my neighborhood looked just like that -- giant, friendly snowman included!


Why am I not surprised that you have a perfect putz house collection all sweet and neat on a shelf?! They look just darling.

Yours are in great shape...the only ones I've found this year have looked like putz crackhouses--and outrageously expensive crackhouses at that!

Sandy Blaxland

Can you tell me what putz houses are? Are they the tiny ones that you could put mini lights in? I have a few of those. There's a great thrift shop here that sells bags of misc Xmas stuff for 99 cents and I got them all for 99 cents. I'll have to feature them in my blog soon!

Your village is beautiful. You give me all sorts of great ideas. And I love the abominable snowman!


Dropping in to say hello - everything looks smashing at your house (wish I could say the same for mine) - sorry I missed out on the Great Santa Mug debate (personally I'm okay with them!). Have a lovely weekend. Cheers, Jewels


Village envy!!! I have yet to find a Putz house around here, but I will not stop until I do. Beautiful setup!

Brenda Kula

This is just absolutely delightful! I had so much fun gazing at these pretties made with love by you!


Love the snow houses! I'll be setting mine up this weekend and I just finished bleaching and glittering the bottlebrush trees (can't afford the vintage - today I saw a teeny one at a shop for $10!).


I love your blog so much! I'm having a poopy night, in a foul mood, but then I read your blog with it's beautiful, sunny, organized pictures and it cheered me right up. Thanks!

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