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December 09, 2009


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Lavender Dreamer

I am pleased to report that I got BUSY this morning! I am sewing up a storm and just now realized I need to stop for lunch! Your little snowmen are precious. I love that sort of thing...as you know! And my hubby and I can BOTH relate to the birthday dilemma. My hubby's is only TWO days before Christmas and mine is a couple of weeks later. We both fall through the cracks. Enjoy your sunshine! It's nice here!


Ok....I can wait and wish you a Happy Birthday
in April if you like...HA!!

I'm ga ga over all your little snowmen too!!

LiLi M.

Great post! First I was a little annoyed that you posted again; How can I ever get started when you keep distracting me? But I learned a lot! Thanks! And no I am not mad at my daughter for having her birthday next Saturday neither at my BFF who is celebrating hers tomorrow. My son has his birthday half April, I have to be grateful! Let's end with these words!


Happy Birthday to you! (boohoo to the disorganised)
Now two things...
I think Snowmen with legs are just a little bit disturbing do you??
Also remember when I got all those deer at the op-shop? those ones I got just because of you? well I have EXACTLY a deer candle like you. So cool, I'll have to call her Barbara!!

Sandy Blaxland

Bah Humbug on those who quibble about your birth date! If I were you, I sic Stuart Sparkle on them; he looks like he'd be a tough cookie on anyone who bothered his missus!

Happy Birthday!


I'm actually in the lull before the storm...I have most of my early Christmas prep done, and now I'm waiting the last-minute cooking/cleaning/grocery shopping/present wrapping rush two weeks from now. I need to work on Christmas cards, but that's about it for right now. Feel good.

I think people with December birthdays should automatically get a pass to buy themselves something big and expensive! Since everybody else is "so busy!" :-p

laurie magpie ethel

I'm not giving up...I'm getting BUSSSSY! So when is the big day? I'm a January birthday and hate it - people are still recovering from the holidays and it gets forgotten. (that is why I buy my own gifts!)


Hey, you're allowed to have two annoyances - I think that's perfectly reasonable.


Annoyances around the Holiday...there can be many. That is why I come to your blog and others, to lose myself in someone else's funny thoughts. Your so right about this being the time time to either give up, or get busy. Only thing is, I can't decide which to do! Do tell us your birthday in advance. So we can wish you a Happy one :)


sweet vintage pieces...and so cute to see a snow man with LEGS!!! great post!

Brenda Kula

Well, I'm not even going to broach the subject of "that other holiday." But I'm going to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and hope your mother and husband realize that they are in the dog house and post haste should plan a very special present to celebrate the fact that you are so special to them. The snowman is so fun! Love the name.


My daughters birthday is the end of December. I can related!
I can't believe the amount of Christmas stuff you have! It's great and it's actually putting me in the mood! (I've sort of passed on Christmas for a few years now) I have to admit I actually bought a few great, home made, kitsch decorations which I've put on my header. That may be my extent of decorating. I'll just come back and look at your blog. Man I wish I had your stuff!
Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures!


Double whammy indeed, and husbands have such a burden since the only one they have to shop for is the wife. come on! Mine is annoying me now to no end over christmas cards.
I hope they come around and get you something fabulous for your day to make it up. that's right. xo, suzy

Into Vintage

I would think having a birthday and Christmas in the same month would be an efficient use of time for the gift-givers. One shopping trip for two occasions. :-)

Happy Birthday! -amy

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

You were in a treasury!!


Thanks, Barbara, so much cheaper to come here for holiday counseling! ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope those naughties redeem themselves right away.


My birthday is in early May, and even as as child I realized that although a May birthday is great when you're little, when I grew up and had kids I was going to get stuck with a combination Mother's Day/Birthday celebration -- I'm morose that way. Of course, I know it's not even close to being as bad as a December birthday, but I at least I have an inkling of what you are feeling.

I hope you end up having a wonderful birthday!


Well, at least you have a whole slew of pretty candles to get you through the tough times! HAHA; husbands are funny creatures, aren't they?--they just can't deal with the holiday prep! Most can't deal with birthdays even in the lighter months!
Here's hoping your's will come through when the heat is on!


Hi! Went blogsurfing and found your little gem. Happy birthday! I just happen to love the word oodles. Any word that is funny just because it bounces weirdly off the toungue is a winner. Plus, it rhymes with poodles. Can't beat that.

Shelley G in Iowa

Happy Birthday, dear Barbara! You hit the nail on the head. Although I have been panicking since Dec. 1st. How does that date creep up on me every year? Come January I will resolve to do more holiday work through the year, once again! So, while I haven't given up totally, I've taken the attitude what gets done, gets done. I'll try not to think of the unfinished!

PS-Our kids have been out of school for three days now because of a foot of snow and terrible winds ( can't keep our rural roads open.) This actually makes me happy! I love snow days!

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