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December 17, 2009


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Great finds. I love those ornaments, especially the ones in the first photo. I haven't had any luck finding Christmas goodies so far. I think I'll try my local store again this afternoon.


OOOOOOHHH!! Lucky YOU! What a dream of a find it is! I might have to stop in at Salvation Army tomorrow!

Sandy McClay

Isn't it amazing how the thrift shops change day to day???? Great stash of things! Goos for you! And I am glad to see your cat is better....I had a dog with diabetes and the shots seemed overwhelming at first, but they made her feel so much better that she looked for them! My vet said cats are really prone to diabetes.....take care!

Into Vintage

Given your outstanding score today, I am now considering reconciling with Goodwill. Perhaps that relationship can be saved if we follow your shining example.

Such wonderful news about Miss Patch - I bet she is thrilled to be home as are you. And how great the shots are proving to be no problem. A very Merry Christmas indeed! -amy

laurie magpie ethel

It is good to be wrong sometimes...glad you scored...especially on that stocking (I don't have it either)


Love the pink ones with the stars!

I havent forgotten about paying you. I guess I can almost forget about doing it by Christmas at this point. LOL

Maybe tomorrow, but I think at this point I need you to send me some kind of email link or something so I can remember how much and where to send it. (Ahem, yes, life is too crazy.)


great stuff today!
I stopped at my resale shop and found some shiny brights yesterday and a felt reindeer. I also found miniature plastic red, green and white clothespins for Christmas cards, have you ever seen those? I did a post today showing some of my vintage holiday decorations, the elves are my favorite.
You always have lovely things - I especially like the glittered ornaments.



I'm glad that Patch is feeling better - lovely Christmas finds!


Hi, I just came across your blog. What a great thrift store find!


Brenda Kula

Patch is such a pretty kitty! Clyde would love to romp and play with another black and white. I can't imagine going into my thrift store and finding anything remotely like that. I never have found anything in there!


Wow, wonderful thrift finds. They told me in my local church thrift shop, that many vintage Christmas items come in from now until the middle of January. Many people are still sorting through XMAS decorations and will be donating them now...so they don't have to keep them for another year. Thats a great thing for us thrifters. Your kitty Patch is adorable...sorry he has health issues. He is lucky to have you to help him out.

Mrs. Cozy Home

Oh the glorious finds...and look at that SNOW!!! LUCKY!


It sure pays to be vigilant!

Hooray for the kitty!

xo, suzy


So glad your kitty got to come home for Christmas. :)

More great finds too, love 'em!


Wow- sometimes it make me a little crazy seeing all of the fabulous things that other bloggers are so lucky to find!!

But I still love it. Great score!


Wow! Great finds! Love those pink ornaments and the star thingies. Santa must think you were extra good this year!

Shelley G in Iowa

I wish I had that kind of luck with the thrift stores! The stocking is FAB! It will look great with your collection.

Jennifer Conway

OH! I collect old stockings - but I haven't been lucky enough to find a great one in years! Swoon, swoon......

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