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January 18, 2010


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I've was wondering what you were making with all of those cute buttons...lovely (and cheerful) wreaths!


Your photos are having a ridiculously cheering effect on me! Thanks, I needed that. :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

So that's what you've been working on! They're so bright and cheery, and lead me to believe that Spring might be just around the corner! I hope you made one for yourself as well!


These are the cutest wreaths EVER!! They just make me smile. Amazing work!!

Brenda Kula

These are absolutely adorable! You come up with the best ideas!

black eyed susans kitchen

Brilliant! That is the sweetest wreath...I love it.
♥, Susan


Oh my, those are great! I love them, very cheering indeed!


Super sweet!

Sarah (who is glad to hear that mess in the sewing room gave someone other than me palpitations, man it was scary in there)


Oh, Barbara! Those are simply scrumptious! What an absolutely lovely idea! Wish I had half of your talent.


So cute and stinkin' clever you are. xo, suzy


Beautiful. Such a lovely idea, and a great use for your buttons. I still can't get over how gorgeous the buttons are.

laurie magpie ethel

You have been a very busy gal! Those wreaths turned out super, duper cute...now I know what all that button love was about...


that turned out so cute! i love all those gorgeous old buttons! have a great week!


wow how sweet are those - very sweet B! Jewels

Cindy Is Crafty

They are truly awesome! I love how you worked the leaves into the chenille into your wreaths. Awesome!


Completely adorable!

Lavender Dreamer

I love those big buttons! Cute idea!

Sandy McClay

LOVE THESE!!!! Oh my gosh, how cute!

Into Vintage

I would never have guessed it was wreaths you were working on. So very clever! Although I would have some difficulty parting with those buttons. Buttons that look like candy too! -amy


Oh my gosh this is soo incredibly cute.

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