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January 28, 2010


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Cindy (Junque Art)

Everything looks wonderful and I LOVE the chair cover!!! That is great fabric!

Sonya Dime Store Thrift

What a wonderful space. And me-thinks Polly is thinking one of those treasures might make a mighty fine toy:) That is what my cat would be doing anyway!

Jennifer Conway

sigh......it's like a breath of fresh air! You wouldn't even believe the state of my work space! The plastic and cardboard bins are runeth over......
*smiles* ~Jen


Oh, I have some plastic bins that need to be banished! They're quite awful, aren't they? The bins that haunt me came with my husband, and he bought them all in a post-Halloween sale at Target (meaning they're all orange and black). I need to make those go away!

 Linda @ A La Carte

I love how you used planters to display items. I have a collection of planters and I have a few things in them, but this is a great idea! Love the chair remake. Polly looks like a very good guard cat!


I Love the Look, what a wonderful workspace you have created. I bet you will be inspired to make wonderful things in 2010. oxox, Diane

Vintage Whimsy

Everything is so neat & tidy and I just love the chair cover!! So cute!


your sewing notions look beautiful and that chair! wow! i love it! what a transformation! love the pom poms too!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yes pom-poms can be very satisfying. But so can rickrack, sorted by color. I cannot describe how happy that picture makes me feel!

laurie magpie ethel

Great spring clean up! Little red pom poms can make everything divine...that fabric is great. Thanks for the peek at the vintage Christmas...I wonder how I could lure polly away from guard duty!


I was thinking the same thing as the Magpie. Of course.


The slip cover is wonderful! I love ball fringe - who doesn't?
happy weekend


Not to long ago I posted a picture of my sewing room (It wasn't pretty). Yours looks fab. I love the chair, and you are right. Anything with red pom poms looks good.


I'm loving your white-hot creativity!

Jealous of your rick-rack collection in vintage planters and the kitty, of course.


Definitely not boring now - very cute! I waivered too long on a set of bird shelves like your red ones years ago. When I went back a couple of weeks later they were gone - I'm once again kicking myself. Dang! (Ok, English Major, I know dang isn't a real word - but here in KY we use it a lot!) LOL! Have a great weekend!


Polly is precious. Your chair redo is perfect, especially with the pompoms.

Into Vintage

Just how big is Polly? And is she armed? Just askin'. -amy

Shelley G in Iowa

Thanks for all the storage ideas. The planters are FABULOUS! I enjoyed the slipcover tutorial, too. It's a project I must start soon. The covers I made for mine about 9 years ago are thread bare and my daughter pointed out there was a rip in one. Mine aren't as cute as yours, so I will making the next ones like these!

Robin Carr

The chair is wonderful. I feel the same way about seeing your stuff. Unfortunately mine is so piled up I can't really see it. Maybe I can get organized too.


Most of my unfinished quilts are in plastic bins and shoeboxes -- not cute at all, and I'd love to banish them. Your chair is adorable -- I am really getting inspired to fix up my sewing room.

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