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January 06, 2010


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Sandy McClay

LOVE THIS POST! I love these items and especially the colors! They just make me happy! I have got to get busy and put my things out! Thanks! These colors make it feel like summer! And I know you could use that right now! :)

Freckled Hen

The book looks good, I like kitchen gadgets....especially doughnut cutters. I'm not sure why as I've only made doughnuts once.
Happy Wednesday to you...

Lavender Dreamer

I love everything! I've been trying to find a salt and pepper set with red tops. It's fun to treasure hunt!


I want everything in your photos!! I collect Jadeite, and anything red for dishes. I would be quite happy with any of your stuff.

Shelley G in Iowa

Very cheery post! I love all the things you share with us! I went ahead and bought the book. I would be interested in other reference books you have. I need to dig and see if I overlooked you mentioning the title of your favorite Christmas reference.

Also, I "hearted" you on Etsy (long overdue!) Does this mean every time you add something I get a notice? My knowledge of Etsy is close to ZERO!

Brenda Kula

Shoot! Until you said that I was hoping that bowl was not orange, and was red. I was getting excited. I am laughing. Because we are both never likely to hold anything remotely Republican.

Brenda Kula

Oh! Oh! But you did have red on the little potholders, and I just bought them!


I have that mincer in red. I didn't know what it was either.

Into Vintage

What a spiffy post. So sad those towels are already on their way out of the country...

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Any book with the word SPIFFY in the title has got my attention! If only those shrooms were red...


I find your posts both refreshing and witty. Now there is a word one doesn't hear much anymore. I don't think I've ever visited you, without leaving a chuckle behind. Thank you, my friend for that. Lovely items you displayed today.


Wonderful photos as usual. I love that cookie cutter and really...one does not need a special occasion to make elephant cookies which I believe are appropriate for all occasions.

My niece is married to a Republican, but we treat him just like one of the family.

Sandy McClay

I also have this wonderful book! And I just love taking the time to sit and look thru it....I just wish I could find some of the things in this book without having to take out a second mortgage to own them! :) Great photos!


How scary is it that I have that book too? Love it.


I live in Germany and the gadget is actually a noodlecutter.You make a noodledough, roll it out and move the blades over the lightly floured dough.Then you have thin cut noodles.Let them dry/or use fresh - and cook in salted water as desired.


:)) I have it in red.....

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