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January 14, 2010


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Freckled Hen

Your button pictures make me happy. I love the red buttons. They're just buttons, right? How come they are so inspiring? I imagine when you bought your super-macro lens you told the guy it was for posting button pictures on your blog. Speaking personally it was worth the money...I really enjoy the pictures. I'm just sayin.


Gorgeous buttons!! Can't wait to see the project!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love these button photos....can't wait to see the project all done...meanwhile more buttons please!


Yikes! Close call with the button. Did ya have to rip it out of some old lady's fingers to get it back?
xo, suzy

laurie magpie ethel

I feel like I have landed on that old t.v. show called "Land of the Giants" except yours would be called "Land of the Giant Buttons"....loving that super macro lens.

Brenda Kula

Hey, I love to gaze at buttons. So give me buttons and I'm happy. I'm so glad you saved that quite precious one! (I posted my little pretties from you a few days ago. Love them!)


seriously, i think some of these button photos you've taken would look smashingly displayed on the walls of your workspace!!

completely envious as usual,


I have found some of my best stuff at my own yard sales. Your buttons are beautiful!


I <3 you, Barbara. I <3 the titles of your still life photos. And, boy, what a close call with that gorgeous white button!!


Well you know I have my thing about buttons to - and that WAS a close call, yikes! Dying to see the project your working on - I'm "experimenting" at the moment trying some new things (maybe I'll blog about). Cheers, Jewels


I am intrigued! Cant wait to see it!

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