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January 24, 2010


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laurie magpie ethel

I didn't even think about marbles! I don't collect them either, but I do have a jar of them - like your thimbles it is not a collection, but an accumulation. Those salt and pepper shakers do look a bit like the flying monkeys! XO


That's the funniest pair of dogs I have ever seen. I love the way you don't have collections, you have accumulations! Hope you have a lovely break xxx

LiLi M.

I almost love it: to have accumulations in stead of collections. But I'm looking for a word that no doubt leaves me out when it comes to gathering things. I haven't found it in Dutch and of course my knowlegde of the English is even poorer. You might think about this during your well deserved break!

If you ever need fresh Dutch candy hearts again, just mention it, I'll be happy to send you some new ones.


Flying monkeys, totally. You hang onto those beautiful marbles. Something will come up one day and they will be perfect. Maybe just on top of the dirt in a pretty little planter with some mother in laws tongue.
xo, suzy


My son went with me to an estate sale a few years ago and bought a big box of marbles. I swear I have picked up marbles off the floor everyday since then. I always put the jadite ones on my kitchen windowsill...love those.

Into Vintage

Three things - what's a napkin doll? I'm guessing the answer is going to be pretty obvious but not obvious enough for me, apparently. 2nd, those doggie S&P are alarming! What were they thinking that day at the S&P factory? 3rd, Flying Monkeys! My older brothers used to taunt me with the noise those monkeys made. :-) -amy


Oooh those lovely little marbles simple must be placed amongst your other Jadeite pieces! Perhaps in a vintage green canning jar, or a candy dish??

My Mother is a thimble collector. She looks for thimbles that are unique.

The S&P shakers...I agree, definitely flying monkeys! :)


You've sure got a lot of neat things that you don't collect!


I only guessed bells, because I've always thought bells were a silly collection. By bells, I mean porcelan "collector" bells. But, I don't include metal Christmas bells, or Shiny Brite bells or cowbells into that idea. I have some of those green marbles that I got at a flea market when I was a kid - thy are in a jar with my other "accumulated" marbles.

I never had a thimble at all, but I lucked on a STERLING one not to long ago. But, I will keep that one and only that one. Honest!


Dogs??? Really? I would have guessed koala bears. :o) Frightening, no matter the species.

Hoping your days away are for pleasure rather than anything resembling work requiring lots of elbow grease!

Stay safe!

black eyed susans kitchen

This is still giving me a chuckle..is it easier to list the things not collected? So far, I also don't collect the things that you don't collect and that includes barbed wire...they have a rather large collectors society...seriously.
♥, Susan


Long time reader, first time commenter.

A bell collection was started for me when I was around six months old by my godmother. She brought a bell home from Jerusalem for me, and I've continued the collection because she's always with me when I find one that is strange or unusual. It is odd, and pointless, but I go through my collection every once in a while and remember this trip, or that day, it's lovely.

As for your thimbles, if they've had any air circulating around them, the Sterling ones will be black, the Copper ones will be green, the Brass ones will be dark brown, the Nickel silver ones will be an odd dark greenish yellow and the Tin ones will be shiny.

Love your blog and all of the lovely things you photograph.

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