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January 21, 2010


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laurie magpie ehtel

I was at an estate sale today. It was a dud, but they did have a big bowl of pipes (at $12 each, YIKES! but they did look cool with a big platter full of them). I thought to myself, "I'll be Barbara does not collect pipes."


I'll give it a guess with food molds, like small tin animal shapes or terra cotta cookie presses.


I'm guessing toothpick holders... my gramma had some and I always thought they were kind of wierd!


I bet you don't collect bells. Or collector spoons. Or keyrings. Or...or...or....I give up. I don't collect a lot of stuff either, but it has found a way into my house nonetheless.


I collect egg timers and I have this girls twin, only mine is holding the broom up in the air. You SHOULD collect these....they are so cute! I'm guessing you DON'T collect napkin dolls.

Susan Freeman

While you may not collect egg timers, I think that the one you have is really sweet!
Susan and Bentley

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