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January 21, 2010


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My first time here. Was having lunch with Laurie (aka Magpie Ethel) and Amy (So Into Vintage) and they both told me how much they love your blog so I thought I would come check it out. So cute! I do collect a lot of things, wedding toppers being one and the one you found is adorable. Gonna go read more. Have a great day!



How can you banish to the soulless innards of a darkened drawer the cuteness of the wee sweet lil German girl from the Black Forest, who's hearts desire is for you to have the perfectly cooked egg everytime? ;) Ach du Leiber!

Might i suggest that you find some holiday to use her as a display? Nothing too long where you have to make a commitment to keep her up for weeks, however, maybe just a day...or two? May Day? Germany's Reunification (Oct 3rd), or maybe Nov 24th (Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day)? :)

I'm thinking you also don't collect ash trays.
Those could be hidden in the bottom of an auction box.


Figural sewing tape measures!!


Well, I know you don't collect Irmi/Nursery Original pieces because you have one in you etsy shop. Although your cute little egg timer reminds me of one.
My problam is that I collect everything! I can't help but want to trasure everything I find!
Hope your having a great week, Lindsey

Mary Ellen

They would have to pry that wedding cake topper out of my cold dead hands!

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

Vintage pie birds?

LiLi M.

I am clever: I guess something that I really want to receive: vintage heart shaped chocolate boxes. It would be so appropriate!

 Linda @ A La Carte

Oh Oh maybe you don't collect egg cups and I would love some egg cups! LOL...after all you DON'T collect egg timers! Can't wait to see what is next!


um....if you don't collect egg timers with cute girls on them, I can give you my address...
I don't either but I could be won over...

Now as to the next not really collection; my guess would be.....
vintage cookie tins!


Thimbles. Jewels


Hahaha. Love coming here.


Napkin rings? Cordial glasses? I saw a set of green cordial glasses at an estate sale about 5 years ago and I've been kicking myself ever since for not grabbing them up!

laurie magpie ethel

You sound rather threatening in that first paragraph about those of us that doubt your belief that you don't have a salt and pepper collection!!! I always thought this was such a friendly blog!!! What you don't collect huh...I guess I should just think about what I don't collect since we have such similar collections. I'm going for vintage curtain tie backs. (if I am right, I do want them)


I love that little egg timer. This is harder than I thought -- I'll guess perfume bottles....or handkerchiefs....or costume jewelry


Hmmmmm...I'm going to guess....dolls? I try not to collect them myself, but there are so many fabulous ones that win me over! Can't wait for the next big reveal! :)


hmmm maybe egg cups..my mom has 600+ in her non-collection lol


Ooops...I guess I should have read your last post, where it says you don't collect dolls, before taking a guess (a correct one!) on this post. lol So my next guess is.....stuffed animals? :)


In the spirit of "if you don't collect it, I do" and "small enough to hide in a box", my guess is spoon rests. I don't currently collect them, either, but it might be fun. Thanks for the contest!

Into Vintage

This is harder than I thought it would be.

I'm guessing you don't collect miniature vintage cuckoo clocks. I don't collect them either since I only have two but a third would make it official ...


I was going to say pie birds but it has been mentioned so I will guess that you don't collect vases shaped like an open book. (I was putting away my christmas items and discovered an accidental collection of 13 of those book shaped vases.)

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