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January 18, 2010


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yippeeee you did it..yes and you forgot about that long ago aptitude test...2010 is going outside your comfort zone...GREAT on you !!!

Linda @ A La Carte

That chair is now GORGEOUS! Great job!!

Mary Ellen

The chair looks beautiful!


It is beautiful! I wouldn't get anything done because I would sit and stare at it LOL! What a fabulous make over!


I would be inviting every one over to see your chair, friends, family, neighbors, the mailman (drag him in when he is delivering the mail). Yup I would be pretty darn proud. You did a great job. Good for you.

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Wow, gorgeous! It looks totally professional, and I love the fabric you chose. Awesome job!

laurie - magpie ethel

You did good! A beautiful job well done...awesome that you held onto that piece. Glad you had an awesome day at work stepping outside your usual tasks...and it was a gold star day!


Now THAT is an amazing makeover. dang. xo, suzy


You have NO IDEA how much I loved this post! You go girl! If I lose my job, I'm DEFINITELY taking upholstery classes. And I know what you mean about a best-ever day at work. I just had one last week! XOXOX

P.S. You did a great job, seemingly fearlessly.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your chair turned out fantastic! I wish you lived nearby, because I would gladly let you practice on a pair of chairs that have a rather atrocious green velvety fabric on them. They were my Grandma's, and they have piping on the cushions, so I don't know where to begin. Unlike you, I don't like to take things apart to see how they are put together!


From this day forward! I love it. You did an excellent job on your chair. Think of all the homely little chairs you come across in your thrifting that could have a second life with your handy work!

I have an old family chair that is about to be covered in hairy cow hide, but not by my hands. I'll have to send before and after pics.

Sandy McClay

WOW!!!! What a difference, and good for you that tackled this on your own! Looks like you really enjoyed it! It tirned out beautifuly!


The chair looks wonderful! People certainly seemed to love burgundy velvet back in the day, didn't they? I like your new fabric much better!

My DH would totally agree with you that a day is much better when it involves playing with tools and building things. (He's a mechanical engineer!)


The chair looks wonderful -- isn't it amazing! Your fabric selection makes it seem like a completely different chair.

My sister is a fabulous, self-taught upholsterer and she talked me into reupholstering our small couch. It was actually a lot of fun (like figuring out a puzzle). I've done that couch twice now plus two chairs). If you pay attention when you're dismantling the piece, save all the weird hardware, and take notes -- it really is not that difficult. Except for cushions and piping, there's very little actual sewing. I think it's so great when someone decides to dive in and try upholstering -- it's a very useful skill.

That does sound like a fun day at work, and you're obviously way more mechanically inclined than anyone thought -- those tests are so lame.


Serious extra credit points for getting the diagonal pattern situated perfectly!


It is just lovely. What a beautiful chair. I wish so much I could upholster. My mom used to do it all the time. I just don't have the confidence.

Into Vintage

Ha! is right. You rock. :-)


Well done B! I remember my first "recovering nicely" experience - and all those "girls dont' handle tools well" comments from my little brother went to the wayside - lucky you checking Lowe's out midday to - I particularly am jealous of the retirees who get to do it all the time....maybe you can start a new business! Cheers, Jewels

LiLi M.

I am so proud of you! I could have told you before that those tests are highly overestimated though! But half the country will be unemployed if we stop using them and interpreting them. Oh boy, then we should really find ways to make education better...

Freckled Hen

Nice chair! Blah blah blah to the aptitude test. Do what's in your heart--you are good at it!

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