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February 16, 2010


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Barbara, I love your room! The wall colour is very restful. My room (http://thoroughlymodernvintage.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-creative-space-what-is-waiting-on-my.html)is what I would call cheerful restful. Under the white duvet cover are pink and green rosebud flannelette sheets and assorted rosy, thrifted pillowcases so I think we may belong to the same club. I love the new look of your blog!


The link did not work. It is : http://thoroughlymodernvintage.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-creative-space-what-is-waiting-on-my.html
You can edit it out if you wish.


B - Lovin the refresh (pink buttons rock!)I wish I could be that colorful in my bedroom but Mr Jewels would have a heart attack (he is more the minimalist bur if you have to decorate be sure there are NO flowers) but I DO have full control of the guest room so maybe I'll take a few ideas from you and "spruce up". Cheers, Jewels

black eyed susans kitchen

The linens on the bed are just gorgeous. It all looks both comfortable and fun, and puppy dog definitely has the right idea.
♥, Susan

LiLi M.

I love everything..but most of all the red on white embroidered pillows! I think Carson deserved a rest after modelling!

Vintage flair 1

Everything looks gorgeous!!!
Bridie x


May I ask where your quilt is from? I love the colors.


I feel all cozy and want to snuggle in when I look at your mix of colors.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That room is so restful, from the color of the walls, to the bedspread, to the dog to warm your feet!

Into Vintage

You've been busy - love your new look!

Did you embroider the redwork cases? The wall color in there is perfect. I now have the sudden urge to purge my current bedroom stuff. -amy


I love your bedding and I was also wondering if you made or collected the redwork cases -- they look darling with the other colors. Your dog looks so comfy!

The blog update is great -- really like the new banner and the collections photo.


Your bed is beautiful! I love all the colors, how fun to climb into that every night. :)


I wouldn't change a thing! It is sooooo beautiful!

Beth Leintz

I think it's just perfect- and a handsome dog is always a wonderful bed accessory.

(Does Carson ever try to scratch up the bedding to stir it up and make a nest? Buddy can tie a knot in blankets and quilts with his burrowing)


Love your new look!! Where is your Etsy link? Thanks.


I think your bed looks perfect! And what a beautiful dog. My three dogs are the kings of restful slumber! They can sleep anywhere. :)


I want to give a big hug to your doggie. He is so cute.


Yes, I forgot...your bed arrangement looks fabulous too.


There is nothing more conducive to sleep than a dog on the bed. I highly recommend it.

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