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February 04, 2010


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Happy Anniversary! What a cute story.

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Aw, so sweet. Happy anniversary!

Vintage Whimsy

Aww! I love happy endings. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you two have many more years together!


What a wonderful story. Happy Anniversary!


Yes, I love a happy ending, Happy Anniversary!

Love your salt and peppers too, I have them, a gift from a blogger friend. :)

Lavender Dreamer

How sweet! Happy Anniversary...let the fun continue! ♥

 Linda @ A La Carte

That is such a sweet story. Love how you told it and Happy Anniversary! Love the Bride and Groom, they are too cute!


Yet another blog post that made me laugh. This time because your invitation on a date is very similar to my marriage proposal. It was almost as if he was asking me to marry him. Or not. I really didn't know (and we are also at 21 years this year). Happy Anniversary!


A very sweet story, indeed, and I do love happy endings. Happy Anniversary Barbara and Mr. Oodles!

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

Happy Anniversary!

Freckled Hen

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a special day...


Awwwww. Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to you!! We shall toast you tonight at dinner!

Tell me, is celebrating your 21st anniversary anything like celebrating your 21st birthday? :o) I'm new at this...we just celebrated our 9th yesterday.



What a lovely story! We just celebrated 20 years and have a similar story of is this a date or not? Happy Anniversary!


Such a beautiful story , i love the way way you told it too! You are a riot! Oh and Happy Anniversary to you and that boy! giggles.... Hugs, Diane


Awwww! so sweet. Congratulations xxxx


I hope you have the happiest of Anniversaries today. What a lovely story. Febraury is probably the perfect month for an anniversary!

LiLi M.

Yes I love happy endings too! Happy anniversary!

I discovered a collection a day too, I think it is inspiring and kind of frightening too; I am affraid that I could easily fill 365 days with accumulations and collections without drawings and you?


Happy anniversary to you both...what a sweet story!


Oh, Im so relieved that someone else had a similar marriage proposal. (I think somebodys got some kind of blog thing going around about how your husband proposed - Im SO not taking part!) Ours was a sort-of, well, sure, what do you think? And honestly, if we hadnt both wanted to buy a house, we might still be dating. Id like to think that what my husband may lack in the grand romantic gesture department, he more than makes up for in being a really decent and patient man after all these years. Happy 21 to you, too, Julie! Barbara

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