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February 04, 2010


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how sweet, happy anniversary! smart girl you were!

Christina J.

Such a sweet post! Happy anniversary. :)


Mr. Oodles is a lucky man! And you're lucky, too, because he is a sweetheart and a true gent! Happy Anniversary!


What a sweet story! Happy anniversary! :)


Happy Anniversary! Hubby and I have been married 11 years this year, but together for 19 (since 6th grade) and our story is not nearly so cute!


Lovely story! You shoud make it into a movie! :)
Happy Anniversary!
Hugs, Lisa

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Happy Anniversary Barbara! I liked your comment about the proposal. My husband's proposal to me was made while I was standing at the stove, frying bacon. He said "So I was thinking we should get married". I was hoping for some skywriting, or at least a billboard, and maybe somewhere that didn't involve me being spattered with grease, but he's definitely made up for it by being an amazing husband!


So sweet! Happy Anniversary! This is also my parents' anniversary. 43 yrs for them! Congratulations on many happy years.

Karla Nathan

Aw, that is sweet! Do you still work together???

Account Deleted

Such a sweet story! Happy anniversary!

Into Vintage

Happy Anniversary to you both - I do love a happy ending!

And your apartment sounds like it was amazing...


I'm so grateful for the time you spend writing here. You put a big warm smile on my face. Happy Anniversary from the lakes of NH to the lakes of NY!

black eyed susans kitchen

February weddings are the best...I should know...Tuesday will be our 31st Anniversary! I love this story...smiling ear to ear. Happy Anniversary to the two of you and congratulations for having the nerve all those years ago to follow your instincts.
♥, Susan

Beth Leintz

Oh what a sweet sweet story. Happy anniversary!


Absolutely! Happy Anniversary and congratulations.

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