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February 25, 2010


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Oh - it IS pretty! I love the change on your blog, too - is that new today or did I miss it earlier? Whichever - it looks gorgeous. You have me thinking we might need to change ours up a little!


Mmm, yes! Apple pie for sure!

I like your morning analysis. I do a bit of the same thing, but when I don't write things down I get really bogged down. Thanks for the prompt to get the mental clutter out in a useful way to begin the day properly.

Mrs. Cozy Home

OOooh that dresser set, it's utterly divine. What a lucky (and appreciative) recipient you are!! :)

Freckled Hen

I am lost on days when I don't write my stuff down in the morning. The millnery flowers are pretty and I love Crabtree products! Hope you are well...Kate


Your dresser looks delightfully pretty! I like your scribbles idea. I too gave up on Julia Cameron's book but I did glean the idea of putting creativity into my day which was very valuable. Every creative soul has a different way of connecting with the muse and it looks like you have found yours. Enjoy today's creative pursuits!


That's a beautiful dresser set! I love your "morning scribbles". That is a great way to declutter your brain. I'm going to try that! (I'm suffering from a very cluttered brain right now)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yes, the morning scribbling idea is great! Although some of my most amazing ideas occur in the middle of the night, and they must be jotted down right then and there!


What a really pretty blog, so many lovely images. Glad I stumbled across it. Best wishes Valerie


how nice that the set belonged to your great grandparents! I think it makes it so much more special!
Hoping you are digging your way out by now!

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