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February 15, 2010


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My guess is ketchup or maybe dish soap. Neither is the ideal combination but better than syrup. It makes crotcheted poodle toilet roll covers seem like a perfectly sane decorating scheme.


I bet that cover was used on the bottle of cheap gin that hostess would serve up in martinis to the guests at her party that bored her. Hee hee.

Happy St. Valentine's Day!


I can just picture everyone sitting around the bridge table with a butt hanging in the corner of their mouths, hands full of cards and the little crochet basket to the side full of cigs. xo, suzy

 Linda @ A La Carte

Love those sweet buttons.


LOL!We have the cutest ashtrays at the shop that are little ships that you would place the cigarette into and then the smoke would come out through the "smokestack". Set of four for the bridge table. Such cute ideas for such a gross habit.

laurie magpie ethel

Loving the crocheted basket...but can't crotchet. I am just not good with any craft that uses a needle or hook - no knitting for me either. Glad you had a great "date" night...the wisdom of a teen!


Excellent! I hope that crocheted bottle cover is hiding something alcoholic. Just imagine: you could take one of those to the liquor store and say, "No brown bag for me, I have my own bottle cover!"

Jayme L.

You're not alone - our 15 yr. old daughter won't go anywhere with us anymore. We even try to bribe her with a reward, i.e. shopping. No go. I'm afraid as soon as she gets her license we'll never see her again.

I need one of those bottle covers for my beer. So much classier than asking for a glass.

Mary Ann

When I was in high school in the 70s, I made a red and white floral dress that buttoned up the front. And those are the buttons I used! Oh, memories...


Great you had a date night (I did to - forced hubby to a chick flick but he did it just for "moi"). LOVIN the old crochet books, I recently took it up again and have been looking for old patterns - can't wait for your Etsy to go back online (when your ready of course)....hope all is well with you! Jewels.


Love those red and white buttons. A great find.


When I first saw that crocheted thingy, I thought it was a toilet brush cover, which would be way more gross than a syrup bottle. When I was little, our next door neighbor had all kinds of crocheted things in her bathroom -- some with partial doll bodies. It's still a pretty creepy memory.


My Grandmother Crocheted (and starched) those tiny little baskets in white as favors for each and every person at my parents Wedding back in the early 50's (filled with pastel almonds - NOT cigarettes)!! That woman LOVED her crocheting!!


Not.the.bees! (Jack and I had a big row last year over bees like that when we were making Valentines. I only had one bee and he really, really, really wanted to just tote it all around the house (and then lose it, of course) and I refused. Ha.)


Buttons, chenille bees, tea and cookies -- Sundays don't get much better than that! Who knew there was a junk shop on the way to my house?!? What route do I need to take? Talk to you soon...

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