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February 12, 2010


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Lavender Dreamer

I love the little birds! I should sit and embroidery something like that design...I would be smiling all day and have good brain waves! heeehee!


What a beautiful dishcloth!

Praying your 100% soon again.

Freckled Hen

Your cherry towel is pretty, and you are right a real cherry pie sounds very good. Hope you are doing well... Happy Valentine's Day!


That is a sweet cherry piece! Now, I want some pie!

I've heard that knitting is a good stress reliever, too. Must be something about the repetitive motion?


I desperately need something to do to keep my mind and heart busy. I was pondering a new cross stitch, but eh, I cannot think of anything I would love to make. The cherries are cute and briefly ignited my fire...but I think it has gone out already. Pooo.

Feeling any better over there?

Alli (One Pearl Button)

I love embroidering - it is so relaxing. That variegated floss is gorgeous!


I am just beginning to embroider, I wish I would have learned from my mom & grandma! I LOVE that bird pattern though.


I agree with the soothing effect of embroidery. When I am so stressed,that if I can thread my needle..I sigh and settle in with my very large box of threads..and either my Sunbonnet Sue or Raggedy Ann pillowcases...and let the worries slip softly away. I love the colors of the thread..just the way the hoop and fabric fit my hand, I just love embroidery. Love the vintage threads and hoops..but then,I love all vintage sewing things.
Love those sweet red cherries..

Jayme L.

Amazing work! Those cherries are beautiful. Now I'm off to find my thread, hoops and needles. It's time for me to step away from all the glitter.


I love the little birds - and your cherries!!


I love to embroider...it does relax me. I tried the counted cross-stitch patterns on that special grid fabric and it made me nutty - too rigid with all that counting, tiny stitches, then having to block it, frame it. I prefer the freedom of just stitching with colors as embroidery is (the cross stitch in that is no problem either). My fave subjects to stitch are cute bluebirds and cherries - I love yours! :)


Such lovely embroidery work! You are so talented. I wish I could be that productive when I watch Project Runway. I just sit there like a lump!


Hi! I just popped over from Martha's place! I love the old floss colors, too. I pretty much use only vintage floss from estate sales etc and have never had a problem. I have bought a few skeins of red and some grey in the last few years, but the vintage stuff seems fine. I love your glass cannisters!


i love embroidery floss. the colors are so beautiful! your towel turned out darling. i have cross stitched but haven't done so in years! have a great week! susan


You embroider so fast! I love the cherries, and they are perfect for President's Day. I love the old hoops. The wood is so much smoother. I have a long and old wooden chopstick that is much the same, that I use for stuffing dolls and things. I would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to it. I love the way it feels.

I was told that the brain wave thing is true for all hand sewing. I can believe it. I told my sister that I always feel better for it, and she said she sees a difference in my tendency towards the blues, when I spend a lot of time making things.

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