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February 11, 2010


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Me too! I love those houses with mostly white and tans and blacks, but I really adore color!!! I find it so hard to pick a few, but Jadite green, sunny golden yellow, aqua blue, pink and red are my faves!


I think all that white stuff outside makes us want to "overlay" it with spring colours - I like yours - I am a big fan of the green (matches my eyes, flutter, flutter). Hope you don't go to insane and committ some horrendous crime we hear on the news (is your family safe, LOL)...Just remember - this too shall pass! Cheers, Jewels

Mrs. Cozy Home

OOh I'm right there with you -- LOVE those colors!!

Jadeite green is heaven ... I took in a cup to Home Depot to try and find the right shade for our wee little laundry closet, and I came close, it's a lighter version.

Anything to make laundry bearable :)

Jayme L.

I like your idea about choosing color. That would definitely help me slow down the collecting. I'm going to try to find my own combo - but I really want to steal yours!


These are my kind of colors. So pretty and cheerful. I love your canisters. Did you buy them like that or did you put the decals on them?

LiLi M.

Oh you are so far already! Having 4 colors! Tssss I have a lot of homework to do this weekend!


Love your favorite colors, they make me think of spring.

Beautiful pictures. :)

Into Vintage

The color I see in your post sure is a lovely contrast to the drab, gray business going on outside my window. Thanks for giving my cabin fever a couple nudges toward the door!


It would have been fun to have us guess your 4 favorite colors together. Most of us would have been right on the money! These colors make me think of the warmth and comfort of my very young life in the homes of grandparents and other older relatives. They were original owners of the types of things you feature here and we all love so much.

Thanks for the warm fuzzies, Barbara, it has been a chilly day here in the desert. I've had to wear socks AND long sleeves all day thus far.

Lavender Dreamer

You have so many pretty things! I love the Jadite! I would love to find some...I have one cup! lol ♥

laurie magpie ethel

I am definitely a color gal and your palette is right up my alley. I could never live in a house that celebrated one common color. Sometimes I think I live in a giant easter egg.


Again - I will never part with any of my Jadite, either - and I have a lot of the same things and/ or same kinds and colors of things as you do - but I probably have more yellow - because I fell so totally in love with my yellow Ransburg things.
Hmmm.... I'm such a fan of color, I just don't know whether I can eliminate any of them! But since I have too much stuff, I suppose I could try......
Yeah, um, I'll have to get back to you on that......


One of my favorite things about your blog is the wonderful colors of all your treasures and finds! I think I would feel very much at home in your house.

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Those colors are great! And I'm with ya on the losing the mind thing. I'm about half a day away from going insane! I have to get out of here tomorrow. HAVE.TO. Even if I'm walking, I'm getting out of this place!!


I always take floss with me when I'm trying to match colors (it's so portable). Also, my sisters and I communicate color shades to each other in DMC "Is it a 666, or more like a 321?"

I love your color selections, and it's so weird that you decided to do this particular post just now because I have been thinking recently about the particular colors you like -- not saying why.


All of those colors are very pretty. I'm in the mood to edit too, and I'm having a hard time deciding what stays and what goes. One of my favorites is that old country green, and cobalt blue. Blue and white always stays, and I have some red in my kitchen, but the rest is still iffy. You have such a wonderful eye for such things, Barbara. I wish I did.


Lovely, all!


Ooooh, all these photos just make my heart sing! Especially your macro on the decals...gee, if they made that into wallpaper I'd be papering the walls in no time. I seem to stick with the same colors, too - but, I'd have to throw in yellow and aqua, too.

Jennifer Conway

Honesty - I will never get tired of your photo's! they're gorgeous, and I LOVE looking at them! thanks so much for sharing! *smiles* ~Jen

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