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February 04, 2010


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Account Deleted

Those are so cute! Adding another craft to explore to my growing list...


Oh B, glad to see you are keeping yourself busy during recovery (LOL). They are very cute....Jewels


WHY OH WHY didn't you join the swap and swap these so I could have some??? SOB. (wink)


So beautiful. Thanks so much for the instructions. I really want to make these NOW!


Simply adorable!

Maybe that devil creature is actually a scorpion with a Shriners hat on? :o) I think i saw a few of those like that when i lived in AZ. :o)


These are so cute and also really impressive. Hmm, now I have the urge to go looking for buttons and beads!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Wow, your brain is definitely back to firing on all cylinders! These are adorable, and a sure sign that you are on the mend!
Have a great weekend!

Into Vintage

Good grief - these are totally charming. And absolute brilliance on your part to use the buttons as skirts. I might also mention I love the little fuzzy pipe cleaner feet.

Any chance one of these might may his or her way to your etsy shop? -amy


I was going to say the ones in the old booklet are creepy because they have faces...and then I scrolled on down and saw the ones you did with faces, and they're SO cute!

So I guess it's all about how creepy the face is/isn't.

The faces on your beads remind me of Fisher-Price Little People from back in the day when toys were made out of wood. I love the vintage buttons mixed in as hats and skirts!

Lavender Dreamer

I really love these! I'm not sure I have any of the items needed but I'm going to save the pattern! Thanks for sharing! Yours are precious! Love the girls in red and pink! ♥

Joey Ramone

These are fantastic, and I love the little people you've made, they're so cute!! I will definitely put these on my "need to make one day" list! Oh and the photos you've taken of them are brilliant too, so sharp and colourful with the wooden bricks... oh and I love those buttons you've used! :D
have a great weekend!
Joey x

LiLi M.

Is there a festive occasion that could do without a daisy shaped hat?


The crafting gods were very generous to you. Adding the buttons was your own brillance. These little cuties rock. xo, suzy


I would really like to make some of these adorable little people, but where oh where am I going to find vintage wooden beads....and my buttons aren't nearly so cute. I vote for Into's idea where you make them and put them in your Etsy shop and we buy them.

black eyed susans kitchen

Serious cuteness going on here and vintage cuteness at that! Love the valentine pair.
♥, Susan

Brenda Kula

These are adorable! I think the crafting gods are ignoring me. Or I've become deaf to their requests. I've got to look them up.

Karla Nathan

Adding the buttons was just the right touch!

Kim G.

These are wonderful! What fun!!


oh, for goodness sakes...how darn cute! I once had some colored wood beads (not vintage), but I think I donated them...I was gonna try to copy those cute wooden bead crib toys...you know, the ones that probably are full of lead paint and choking items. That's probably why I didn't bother. Spawn of the devil...lol...too funny! :)

Beth Leintz

What a riot- those are so cute, love how you made them holiday compatible!

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