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February 02, 2010


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Glad you hear you are feeling better! Thank you for taking us on the "trip" with you.

Your scissors are great. The pair with the holes, did they once have something to hold them around the neck?


That is a pretty accumulation. Be careful with scissors while under the influence of cocaine. Rest and recover well. xo, suzy


Sissors, my fingers hurt just looking at them. Those metal ones are the worst offenders to my delicate hands ;) Love the look of the full stork one, though. I adore storks, in all shapes and sizes. Hope you feel better and heal quickly.

LiLi M.

Scissors do fit in 'image' collecting. I have a few sewing supplies, so I put the small silver scissors that I inherited in an open sewing basket. This summer I bought a small collection of sewing supplies and there were scissors nr. 2. I always think that a collection starts at three, what do you think? Sorry, sorry didn't ask you a question. Just keep getting better, I am grateful (yes I really am) that you are posting already. Take care!


Cocaine! *snort!* No pun intended!

My father has his Mother's old scissors. They are huge - about a foot long. I never could weld those things in my small hands. I don't know how she ever used them!

Feel better soon......

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Ok, I think you need another definition lesson. You are obviously still a little loop-de-loo.

1. the act of collecting
2. a group of objects or material ACCUMULATED in one location.
Face it honey. You've got a scissor collection!


Okay.....I could totally justify starting a vintage scissor collection since, after all, I do a lot a hand sewing and embroidery. I already have quite a few scissors, but most are new, so obviously they don't qualify. Also, I can never find the ones I want to use, so it would probably be better if I had lots more.

Glad you're feeling better and were able to get off the cocaine :) Bet you're sorry now you mentioned it now.


Your favorites are mine too. What a great "accumulation". I think there are never too many scissors in a home. I'm always wishing for a pair in every workbasket and drawer.

I love Winter X Games, so I suppose my standards are about the same as yours! LOL!


Ha ha. I don't collect scissors too!
I don't have any fancy ones, but during one big, big cleanup I gathered all my scissors.... wow. You see, when the airlines started the strict measures, one particular thrift store I frequented, all of a sudden had oodles of them! Lot's of nice little sewing and manicure scissors.


What a nice non-collection of little scissors you have!

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