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February 03, 2010


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always love seeing those bird shelves, no matter what the occasion! Love your little valentine collection sitting upon them. It almost looks like the whole collection might fly away at any given moment. Let the birdies know that whenever you get sick of them, they are more than welcome to come roost over here!
Hope you feel 100% real soon Barbara!


I love those little shelves, too. Everything looks just perfect. I'm loving it ALL.


Hope you are feeling better soon!! Your St. Valentine's Day postcards are so charming! And that blog that you linked....i've been addicted to it since day 21--i have a pharmacy paraphenialia collection. Isn't the blog amazing!?!? I can't wait to see where it goes over the year.


I think you have found the perfect way to display vintage Valentine's. The third one is my favorite. The tea cup and pinky Valentine look great together.

Jayme L.

I'm going to show my husband those shelves in hope he can duplicate them (he's a woodworker) 'cause I NEED some of that cuteness! You have the cutest valentines around. I hope you are feeling better.


I've missed you lately! Things are a bit tense over here right now and I keep thinking hmmmm, Barbara could make me feel sane. Ha.

Jenny G.

Thanks for sharing the 'Collection' link- what a fun site to check out! And your shelves are adorable!

Into Vintage

Funny. I saw the kitty before I read what you wrote. Maybe I'm a crazy cat lady.

Glad to hear your recovery is progressing. -amy

Brenda Kula

I'm in love with your little shelves! Never seen anything like them. And you've "dressed" them so beautifully. I haven't done a thing for Valentine's Day. Probably will just pass me by.

Shelley G in Iowa

Oh, so pretty! I know you've shown us the birds shelves before but today I decided I may try my hand at making a pair of these for myself! Look out, girl with power tools! They are just too adorable!

Lavender Dreamer

I love your little red shelves, too! Perfect to display your treasures! ♥


The pink is my favorite!


Holy Moley B Girl - love the blog you found (and thanks for sharing) - it really is sweet! And I think your valentine displays are pretty rad to! Jewels (loss for words, hmmm for me that's a seniors moment LOL)


Love those shelves! They are perfect for post cards! Your Valentine decor is super sweet!!
Hugs, Lisa

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Sweet red shelves! For some reason as I was looking at all the pictures I was thinking of all the songs I knew about birds...when the red, red, robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along...

I'll stop there, so I won't seem like a Dodo bird! :)

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