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March 17, 2010


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And a happy-go-lucky St. Patrick's Day to you, you lucky gal!!

Linda @ A La Carte

That towel is wonderful so it's nice to have luck even if you aren't Irish!


Oh, your ironing pile is DIVINE and so are the beautiful finds from the thrift store...LUCKY YOU!


Maybe we call can be lucky on St. Paddy's Day? I found out I'm not allergic to strawberries or penicillin!

What a cool top! Destined for ebay?

laurie magpie ethel

I'd call that luck with a capital "L"! That dishtowel is awesome! LUCKY GIRL!


I need some of that linen luck. I love how she looks like she's scolding him.


I think you definitely are lucky, with all of the gorgeous stuff you find in thrift shops!

Last weekend I was trying to explain what a Hoosier cabinet is to my mother-in-law, and I directed her to your blog. She got so excited about everything here! It was really cute.


Leave it to you to have such a cute story about your husband's Irish heritage. You definitely have a way with words.
And you are very, very lucky. That dish towel just may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Although I believe I have thought that about many of your treasures.

black eyed susans kitchen

Wonderful pictures! I am loving this weather.
♥, Susan


Sometimes I get so mad at your blog because you find such wonderful things. Today is one of those days!!! ;-)

Beth Leintz

I'm loving that Ohio Art top- incredibly lucky to find one with no rust!


I love all your purples..they're gorgeous..specially that ironing. I see vintage embroidery there..a favorite desire of my collecting heart..

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