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March 18, 2010


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LiLi M.

Yeah I took photos of the first crocus up here too!! Purple of course! 60 degrees here too! What a lovely day!


Love this. Love that Spring is finally coming. Love the purple!


I'd have to look long and hard for purple in my house, too. Although we lived in a house a few years ago where one of the bedrooms was painted lavender (it had been a little girl's room before) and I made it into my study. I was SO productive and creative in that lavender room!

Your crocuses are so sweet. I need to plant some of them!

laurie magpie ethel

Our minds are in tune once again. Purple is not my favorite color either, and I only have a bit of it. Yesterday however, for St. Paddy's day I had a green striped shirt on...and needed a jacket. I wore my pale purple cord jacket with a vintage floral green and purple pin. I thought I looked pretty good and would have to wear purple more often. WE ARE NOW THE PURPLE PEOPLE


Whatever that is in the second photo, just send it to me. I still am in love with lavender! (And some magazine I was reading, BHG I think, said purple is "the" color this year, along with turqoise.)


Heh B - we've had an unusually warm week here in Mid Mich - to the point my daffodils are starting to sprout - unfortunately ole man winter is back this weekend (geesh) so I'm hoping all our hardy spring plants can hang in there. As for purple, it seems to be a favorite in my family (not so much me, but definetly my Mum whose favorite flower is lavendar). It really is pretty when you see it in the sunshine though! Jewels


Yay spring!


My sister, Mary, is a complete freak for purple, and Emily once painted her room an unbelievably dark shade of purple (which was a drag to paint over when I turned her former room into the sewing room). She confessed to me later that she didn't like it much -- it was too dark (duh!) and made her skin color look weird in the mirror.

Your croci are so pretty (crocuses is also an accepted plural form, but I really like croci), and what is that adorable bunny -- is that a vintage paper tablecloth? I love the design.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm posting my purple crocuses tomorrow! It's like they popped up overnight and exploded. I think the only purple thing I have in the house is a bowl that my Grandma made in pottery class at the nursing home. I guess I'm just not drawn to purple things!


mine also I found the same lovely flowers in my garen when I got home from work today.

Brenda Kula

Far from my favorite color, but it's growing on me! I've found myself scattering it throughout the gardens!

Jennifer Conway

Hello! I enjoy your blog so much that I've nominated a blog award to you! (here: http://jenniferconway.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-award.html ). Thanks for brightening so many of my days! *smiles* ~Jen

black eyed susans kitchen

Interesting...this has always been my favorite color, but you would have to look very carefully to find it in my house. I have used it sparingly here and there. One day I will decorate a room in lilac!
♥, Susan

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