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March 25, 2010


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Some of those look very Lilly!


Beth Leintz

I like the groovy mod fabric of the 60's- but my heart belongs to the calicos.


That's it. I have to just come and shop at your house. I was getting ready to comment about your last post (love the Hoosier cabinet)and then I saw the fabrics and patterns in this post. I am drooling over everything. I love the 60's fabric. Thanks for starting off my day with something fun.

Freckled Hen

Are you tired of my comments telling you how great your post is? I love this post and the previous one. (La la la can you hear me? It's supposed to be 74 here today.)
I love the dress pattern you said was your style.


I have a sheet with the exact same pattern as the first picture on your post. Have yet to find the perfect project to make the first cut into it though. ;)

Margaret McCormick

I don't think you're too old for the pink retro mod flower fabric or the paisley fabric, no matter what Carrie says. Isn't it funny that maxi dresses are in style again? I should buy some of those vintage uncut patterns... I'm afraid that's the only way to find a true Size 12 anymore!


How well I remember those days ~ the 60s, not te 1800s. :-)


Oops, I meant the, not te. :-(


This fabric reminds me so much of some of the dresses my sister made for herself when she was a senior in high school. I just love old fashioned dresses. When I watch the I Love Lucy shows I always try and guess what color her dresses are. And the 1940 fashions? On my......



Ooooo,how beautiful can fabrics and patterns be??? These are wonderful and beautiful,but I can't wait ti see the calicos. I love the last pattern you showed..I think my heart still belongs back there..specially with sweet calicos and ginghams..
I simply love,love your site and so enjoy coming here to see everything..thanks for letting me visit.

Sher Miller

That Hoosier is a beauty - looks to be in perfect condition! Those old patterns always bring back memories. I put together many of those 7338 dresses and of course, looked HOT! ;)


ooooo, LOVE those fabrics!!! especially the first one.

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