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March 12, 2010


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Lavender Dreamer

The sweet bluebirds just melt my heart! They are so precious! Love vintage tablecloths, too! What a great find! Makes me want to go 'shopping'! ♥


Great finds! I adore the little bluebirds!

Linda @ A La Carte

The blue birds are adorable and I'm so glad the little baby was waiting for you to rescue & repair it. Adorable. Love all your other finds also. That table cloth is beautiful!


I am in love with those bluebirds.


I just love a happy ending! Beautiful little birds.

Christina J.

Love the sweet little blue birds!


I have the same bluebird bowl! But, mine was from eBay or an antique store, like the rest of my bluebird collection. I'd faint if I saw any of these bluebirds in a thrift store. Mine have flaws too but still cost quite a bit...I'm okay with flaws. I've been trying to figure out lately why I love these bluebirds so much...they are so cute, they represent happiness, remind me of Snow White's happy little birdies and they just reminded me of a poem I always loved by Emily Dickinson!


I have the same bluebird dish...going to have to get it out this weekend as we spring forward (finally!)


Sherrie said exactly what I was gonna say! Good thing Momma bluebird's kiddos come in multiples.
All IS right with the world!


sweet blue birds.


I absolutely love those bluebirds. Good thing you unwrapped that paper.

LiLi M.

For a moment I was expecting to see one of my mothers restoring techniques: using a marker to reveal the flaw, which could have done with this flaw, as it only required a black marker. But my mother used her blue marker too and her yellow and so on. Robin's blue could be restored with 'marker' blue, but it always kind of touched me.


Oh...all of it is so yummy, but especially the bluebirds!!!

laurie magpie ethel

Good day at the thrift! So happy bird #2 made it back to the nest...life wouldn't have been the same for that little family! Love those little birds...chirp!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Barbara, you have the best luck! I'm so happy that baby bird was in there, but if it wasn't, I knew you would do something fantastic to save it! I'm on a quest to get a bluebird, but they're sooo expensive on Ebay. I'll just have to bide my time.
You HAVE to get that Kitchen Junk book! Amazon has them for $5.50, used. It's where I get most of my books, and they're usually in excellent condition even though they're used. I love all of her books!

Brenda Kula

Oh, I'm so happy about that little package you found! And you know I adore that tablecloth.


My...you had a really good day. It's so great that the little bluebird was in the bowl and I love it that someone bothered to wrap it up like that -- it's so springy and looks much cuter with two baby birds.

A few weeks ago, Emily found a vintage coat at the antique mall -- it was from Frederick & Nelson -- a gorgeous 60s wool gabardine that looked brand new and fit her perfectly EXCEPT it was missing one of its large, unusual buttons. When Emily put her hand in the pocket, she discovered a tissue with the missing button carefully wrapped inside. We were so happy.


Oh, how fortunate! It would have been a shame not to have been able to fix the bluebird planter. It's so charming, and I love the tablecloth too.


Sweet tweets!

Can you share with us how you brought your vintage tablecloth back to life? I've found many over the years that have spots, stains or could use a little brightening & whitening. What's your secret??


Just perfect, I sure love all your treasures, the bluebirds looks so very happy, and great work on the tablecloth. You sure had a great Thrift Shop Shopping Spree. Wish I had been with you. Hugs, Diane

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