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April 21, 2010


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Ah, yes - magazines as a source of inspiration! I have seen that same kitchen before (more than once, I believe), and I'm sure that I saved either the page(s) or the entire magazine it was in.
Love the painted stool, love McCoy pottery!!
Love it all.


Thanks for the idea -- I also know a man who might be talked into making that arbor, if he were approached in just the right way. It would look great over the path to the greenbelt, and I could see it from the kitchen window!


You have to stay home sometime and enjoy and spruce up your finds, making them a joy to live with. That is inspiring, practical and a treat for us when you share your efforts!

laurie magpie ethel

I always grab Tom's "This Old House" before he gets to it too! (there is that great minds thing again) I still like you even if you aren't out junking...just get out of the garden one of these days.


That mag is pretty darn good. We subscribed some time last year.


I've never picked up an issue of this magazine, but next time I see it, I will.

I love that tulip vase.

I think it's fun to see different things, and I like everything that you share. Inside, and out.


It's pretty good! I got it on sale for $5/year on Amazon and I like it! I love the last page where they show the old house that needs saving.


I love that magazine too. The DH gets it and doesn't love it. I want you to know that I am spending my only free 45 minutes today reading you posts!

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