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April 29, 2010


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Ohhhhhhhhhh, is it cheddar orange? A cheddar quilt has been on my hunting list for two years now ya know. :-)

Jennifer Conway

I SO wish I could transport myself to your little corner of the world on Friday - that store actually looks a little dangerous (for the pocketbook!). *smiles* ~Jen


I think we should all take a field trip with you to that wonderful store! You'd get first dibs, of course!

Freckled Hen

What are the chances that I want to drive nonstop (32 hours) to the East coast and thrift?
Sometimes when I am thrifting here (boomtown usa where no one has bought anything cool since Levi's in the 1800's) I think of you and how you might get an ulcer if you had to live and thrift here.
That yellow apron on the green hanger below put a song in my heart and I ended up making one last night. Thanks for that!


I'm always in awe of the stuff you find! Great job!

Brenda Kula

Yes, I think I would make a stop and purchase that lottery ticket!


Love the feedsacks!

laurie magpie ethel

When it rains, it pours and the luck seems to be coming your way right now. Have fun on Friday in that cute little shop!

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

That looks like my kind of shop...maybe you could be my personal shopper (lol)! You find the best stuff!
♥, Susan

Elaine Richardson

Come to Vegas baby!!!


Nice job Barbara...now I have to give the twins Pasta Pick-Ups, the dreaded manufactured food on Monday so I can go after work and poke around my favorite antiques barn. It's all your fault. Someday we'll have to take a road trip to that shop. I can ply the dear husband with talk of ice cream and picnic food and the twins still just have to go wherever we take them...I could comment on every post. I love everything, but you knew that!


Love those feedsacks, the the quilt sounds enticing as well. I'll just have to keep checking your Etsy and ebay pages.

I had no idea those old keys were so valuable -- good job!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Can we please see that orange quilt before you so hastily sell it? It sounds rather unique. Perhaps you could live with it for awhile. Display it with your Halloween decor this fall. See how fantastic it looks. Possibly reconsider. These are just suggestions, of course!


.....sigh.....it's ALL good!!

Margaret McCormick

Is that the shop in Locke? It looks awesome!

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