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April 01, 2010


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I'm awash in memories of the '70's TV show, reading these marvelous books to the kids (somehow, sadly, I was never aware of them when I was a girl), and all memories and associations of calico! What a warm way to start my morning!

Linda @ A La Carte

I discovered the Little House on the Prairie books when I was 14 and loved them all! Read them again and again. My daughters had a set of the books but somehow they remain mine!
Love the calico.


Isn't it amazing how many people have been impacted by the Little House books? They certainly influenced my childhood, and to this day (I'm 36!) - I can sit down with one of them and it's like I'm a kid again. **Sigh** Thanks so much for this post. I just love any excuse to remember Laura's lovely stories. Great fabric too, by the way! :)


I sighed all the way through this post.



As I, too, love LIW's books, I loved this post. Visited De Smet, SD last summer and saw many of the sites mentioned in her later books. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone passing through that area. Off the beaten path from the freeway there but still worth it!


I love the Little House series , too - doesn't everyone? When they were filming the TV show (which I also loved) here, I had the pleasure of waiting on Michael Landon and his family and Melissa Gilbert, too. I JUST heard that there is now a musical based on the stories - and she is starring in it as Ma!! I love musicals, but I must admit the idea of this one is a bit strange to me. On the other hand, I would totally give it a chance- because I will watch anything Melisa Gilbert is in. I love her.

Into Vintage

Nancy Drew was my idol - I loved that she drove a convertible with her anything-can-happen overnight bag in the trunk just in case...anything happened. Anything!

I checked out your auctions - love the quilt stars and the strawberries in particular. It always amazes me how long fabric can endure. -amy

Brenda Kula

I can still hear her and the exact way she'd say: "Oh, Charles...


Man how I loved those books. I read them over and over and thought to myself when I was 10yo that I would name my daughter (if I had one) Prairie, because I loved that word. I had two daughters, but got over the prairie thing thank god. I tried so hard to get my daughters to love those books too, but they would have none of it. One of life's little disappointments. I still love those stories though.
xo, suzy


Sister Imelda read Little House on the Prairie books to us every day after recess in third grade. To this day I love those books and have always imagined I was born in the wrong period. I have since realized that I do not do well when the power goes out -- so even though I can make a quilt with a some scraps of fabric, a needle, and thread, I now realize that maybe I wouldn't have done so well back then -- or maybe I would have risen to the occasion....but I doubt it.

Your old fabrics are beautiful -- I hope I win them!


I love the "Little House on the Prairie" books...read them all again as an adult a few years ago. I definitely remember the calico...in fact, calico was back in vogue at the time I read the books as a kid in the '60s. Maybe, it never went out of style, but I do remember us buying calico to make maxi skirts. Laura Ingalls had a job as a seamstress in one of her books...she had to make buttonholes by hand! Yikes.


I read those books over and over and over...should be "must" reading for everyone!


Oh I love these fabrics. The books are so sweet.


These are my favorite fabrics. I especially have a fondness for the blue calicos, and brown.

I've actually never read these books, but loved the tv series when I was young. I'll have to check into them at our library.

This is a lovely post.

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