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April 15, 2010


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How much fun it must have been putting these beauties together!

That Mr. Oodles is a funny guy. I hope you recover soon from your Etsy injury.

Linda @ A La Carte

Love those boxes of vintage goodies. How fun to put those together but dangerous as seen by the knee injury! Take care and hope you feel better soon...say after dinner? LOL

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

What a clever idea for your collection of sewing notions. You should do well with these sweet vignettes.

Jennifer Conway

You must have had a fun afternoon! You do such a great job of putting them together - they definitely DO all have their own personalities! My fav. is the cheerful & sunny...

laurie magpie ethel

Of COURSE they develop their own personalities...those vintage goodies will do it every time! Great needle case in that last photo, just don't make them like that anymore.
hope the Etsy injury is healing....did you give hubby a bit of stink eye?


I'm sorry I missed the red sewing box but not sorry I got to read the story that went with it...makin' me laugh as usual.

Brenda Kula

Those are two of my favorite things too: sewing notions and of course birds!


Clever idea, sure love the little iron!


Sounds like a wonderful day, even if it caused a mysterious knee injury! Those sewing boxes look like a lot of fun to put together. :)


These are wonderful. I love old sewing things. Well, I think a great many of us here in Blogville can relate to the "need" to have our sewing supplies airlifted in, especially if the world is feeling perilous. Handwork does have a way of calming one in times of stress, and surely blogging shows us that it creates community.

I hope your knee is ok. I wonder what on earth you did to it. Did you spend lots of time on your knees gardening? Don't wait to see a doctor if it doesn't seem better real soon.

Take good care,

Into Vintage

So sorry to hear about your knee. One time I almost poked my eye out with etsy and it took 2 FULL DAYS of bed rest before I could resume my normal household duties. Maybe you'd better put that leg up for a bit.

Beth Leintz

What could be better than watching the birds and playing with sewing goodies?

I'm guessing the knee pain is some kind of a delayed stress cooking injury and you probably shouldn't make dinner for the next two or three nights...


im so happy to see you are still here and posting yummy pix. love your boxes. sorry your knee is out of commission :o(

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I would love to have an airdrop of vintage sewing notions, right into my backyard! You did such a great job of making little boxes of sewing joy. I hope your knee is feeling better. If not, it's always a good idea to rest up for a few days, prop that knee up under a pretty pillow, and under no circumstances should you even think about cooking. Everyone knows cooking is very bad for an injured knee!
I sent you an e-mail with a picture of that green and white thing on my porch!


Heh B - I jumped on the red one as you know because it was so CUTE! I can never get enough vintage sewing stuff - sorry about the knee - occupational hazard perhaps???? LOL Jewels.

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