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April 22, 2010


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The brick project turned out so well, and I especially like the touch of adding the special brick from your parents' yard.

I hope you don't feel pressured to post new thifting finds -- I, for one, love to read your craft and around the house/garden posts just as much as those featuring found treasures.

Yea Earth!!


It's nice to get off the habitrail projects and do a real project sometimes. Very nice brick work!


Excellent! Job well done. My project list is well under way with this early spring. Don't ya love it! xo, suzy


Hey my flower beds are edged in brick too! We put in a brick patio a few years ago with my dad and my hubby. My dad is an engineer and he is a perfectionist. We used survey equipment in the backyard for this "little" project - was happy when it was done, as it took forever and had to be PERFECT!


I love your recycled bricks! I am wearing a few recycled items of clothing today, but I did so accidentally.

It will be interesting to see if another set of bluebirds take up residence in your houses since they are so territorial and don't like close neighbors. A biology lesson in the making - keep us posted!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

If I have a favorite rock, you can certainly have a favorite brick! And I love what you said about the before phase: Everything seems so do-able. I come up with lots of "little" projects, and I always think they will only take about 15 minutes to accomplish, when in reality it's usually hours or days. My friend and I are going to make arbors like the one in your previous post. She's got lots of wood in her garage, and we've been planning it since last summer. I can't wait to get started on mine. It should only take about 15 minutes to slap one together, don't you think?

Brenda Kula

I have a favorite rock. Does that count? I don't know what happened to my bluebirds this year. Maybe the wasps drove them away. Yes, creating a garden lasts so much longer than doing the dishes. I so enjoy walking out the next day and looking at it all over again.


Um, I have a favorite brick. I swear!


Laying bricks sure does seem to take forever, doesn't it? I love the look of old bricks in the garden though, so it's certainly worth taking the time. I tend towards a favorite rock or two. Right now, my favorite is a large round and sort of flat one that I use as a stepping stone in a shallow narrow end of my pond, so I can step from one side to the other.

I love the scent of mock orange. I've planted one, but it's never bloomed. Do you have any idea, why?


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