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April 09, 2010


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A rustic garden stand sounds fabulous!! Perfect.
And "The Free" - I love it!


The shed is looking very spiffy with daffodils in her front yard ... and I can't imagine living in a place where there are still places left to be explored (and stuff to be found).

The Free sewing machine base is awesome and will make a great plant stand. I have seen a a Free machine before (it was very pretty with lots of gold decoration), but never a base. Here's a little info I found:

In 1895 the Illinois Sewing Machine Co was founded using assets from the former Royal Sewing Machine Co of Rockford, Illinois. Will C. Free became the president by 1910, and organized a parent company - the Free Sewing Machine Co. Production continued in Rockford until 1958, when it relocated to Los Angeles, California. Manufacture finally ceased about 1969.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I can't tell you how happy that junkyard makes me! It reminds me of northern Wisconsin, and all of the abandoned farmsteads just loaded with rusty treasures. And that sewing machine base. Oh my, what I would give to find a pedal like that to hang on my porch. I'm going to look on Ebay right now, because you can find anything on there! Barbara, you are indeed living the good life!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I found one! 9.99 and 10.70 shipping. I think this would make a lovely Mother's Day gift.....


oh cool...the sewing machine stand would make a fab base...have fun...


You must make something out of that sewing machine base!! I think the Pickers would take it if they showed up at you house.

There is always a kid (or dog) like Ferris in every neighborhood!


Wow how cool is that (by the way, Ferris looks quite the character). I'd be out there looking for all sorts of garden art (much to my hubbies disgust). And to find something sewing related....SWEET!

And I'm jealous - when I opened the door this AM there was snow (YES SNOW) here - but forecast for the 60's next week - what a weird spring don't you think! Hi to Carson from G&G who are probably no better behaved then Ferris (but don't chew ears)... Jewels

laurie magpie ethel

I wish I had a back forty junk pile like that...the best I have is a little path between garages with no fun treasures. Ferris sounds like quite the companion...I think I'm glad he lives in your neck of the woods and not mine!

Mrs. Cozy Home



I like Ferris,I have a dog like Ferris you know I think everyone would be better off with a dog like Ferris.


This early spring has been so fabulous. How interesting to have a junk yard on your property. I have a typical suburban yard, small and surrounded by neighbors. However that doesn't stop some of them from trying to have a junkyard on their property. Or in their frontyard because I do consider a dozen resin yard statues from Walmart junk.
Luv that rusty sewing stand, perfect for yard art(junk). xo, suzy


how cool is that? i think a garden stand is perfect, please show us what you do! have a nice week! susan


I love finding your kind of "junk"! so much fun and nostalgia. I had the base of an old treadle sewing machine and we painted it black. Hubby made a beautiful wood top for it and now my daughter has it and uses it to sew her quilt pieces on. Love your blog! Kerrie


All those white violets! What a fortunate woman you are. You live in such a beautiful place. My son would have loved poking around your property when he was small. What an adventure. I love "The Free" as well, and it will make a wonderful garden piece. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with it.


I love that sweet faced Ferris....and even more so because 'he is almost always up to no good'. Great post!


I think that's kind of neat! I like that big wheel and even the rusty tractor seat.

The sewing machine piece is a great find!


I love the Junk pile!!!! Not sure if I have ever commented before but this is the time! Love it!


got a good chuckle about Ferris.
I have a 3 month old chocolate lab who is enjoying digging holes and "helping" me garden....


Ha, trying to cut back on commenting? Your blog is far too interesting!!

That sewing machine base is amazing. We have some friends who live on an old farm (yes, the ones with the baby goats) and junk is constantly surfacing after it rains. Apparently, some hoarders who ran a dump (no joking) owned the house a long time ago and would keep anything they thought was interesting... the barns are full of old metal junk!

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