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April 28, 2010


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I was just commenting on another blog about it being hard to find pretty yellow things. I love dotted-swiss anything, but that yellow housecoat is just precious! Pardon my ignorance, but I've never heard of a Liberty handkerchief. And Target sells repros? I learn something new every day in blogland!


Sunshine yellow is a favorite color and I'm in love with that dotted swiss fabric of that housecoat :->
xo, suzy


Dotted swiss is making a comeback!

jenny heid

Sunny is right! so sweet!! I LOVE dotted swiss anything!!!

Happy Spring!!
xoxo Jenny


Lovely!! I like the Liberty print you choose too!
Hugs, Lisa

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the Vera towel! Cute yellows and I do like that Liberty print. Not for everyone I guess but some are cute.

Carol M

Oh that yellow dotted swiss brought back memories of a dress I had as a little girl. So sweet.


Anything yellow as Martha would say "It's a good thing". Thanks for sharing.


Is the VERA headed for your ETSY shop?


It is - and I can put your name on it if you want. I was going to list it for $8 but Id certainly give you the 20 percent blog friend discount... let me know. I really wondered if I should buy it because I leave all thrift-store Veras for you, but I wasnt sure you were going to make it to this yard sale! Just let me know ... Im sure I can sell it if you want to keep looking this summer. I know its more fun to find a bargain! Barbara

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Is the VERA headed for your ETSY shop?

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YOUR Score. Make what you can on it, and I'll keep enjoying my hunt - thanks anyways 8-), S-

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