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April 25, 2010


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Linda @ A La Carte

Cute post! Love how you wrote a story from the 'facts'....enjoyed it!


LOVE IT!! I had to pause our movie to read most of this post to my husband. You are a really great writer!


Can you thank Mrs. Barton for this evening's entertainment?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

OR, maybe by the time the pattern arrived, she realized that she was in fact a size 16! Which could be attributed to all of the good food she ate while abroad!

Christie Wilhite

I just loved reading the post...and your entire blog. It is my favorite!

C :)

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Well lucky Mrs. Barton and in her defense, we all know that a size 14 in those days is like a size 8 today!
♥, Susan

Karen Young

Thank you for making my morning. I'm still smiling


Freckled Hen

You and Mrs Barton made my morning. Such details you uncovered. I'm with you on the international travel. That's much more exciting than eating too many cake doughnuts. How embarassing it would be to have to type another letter and confess she indeed does "go to 16 size".
Au revoir bon ami...


Thanks so much for the morning giggle. I will think about Mrs. Barton from time to time throughout the week - just to smile.


Please tell me you will write a book. Between your talent for taking vintage treasures to a new level, your gift for writing and your fabulous sense of humor, it would be a bestseller for sure.


I always LOVE when you make up tales about the people you buy things from! I do the same thing in my mind! I always love to day dream about the adventures other may have!

Brenda Kula

Wow, you sure know how to tell a good story! I was spellbound!

laurie magpie ethel

Totally great read Barbara! I love it when you find something tucked away like that and it leaves you wondering what the whole story was....if only Mrs. Barton read your blog and could tell us what really happened! Altho the Paris/Spain angle is very clever....

glad you had a three pixie day!


You always have the best stuff!!
Hugs, Lisa


She probably bought the fabric and both sat unsewn, unmade and were forgotten. oh do I do the same thing or what! This is a cute piece of personal history. Love this post.

Lisa W.

I really enjoyed your post ! I think that Mrs. Barton dropped her bolero pattern and ran off with the milk man !

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