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April 23, 2010


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You don't disappoint, Barbara! I needed a good chuckle this morning. I am on pins and needles waiting for your "refined and confirmed" theory, however. :)


Great stuff!!
I'm envious, but then, that's nothing new!

Sandy B

Yes! Just when were those sequins out of style? Why -- just NEVER!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Now that I've stopped laughing real hard at that bejeweled hat, I can tell you that you sure had a real good day! And I can't wait to hear this theory of yours, because I can't imagine why people tell you to come back later. Unless those antique dealers are in there wheeling and dealing. Nevertheless, I hope you get started on that turban-style hat this weekend. And make sure to stitch a few of those jingle bells on the top!

Linda @ A La Carte

You are the yard sale Queen! Love it all especially that chenille spread.


Since you hadn't been to Lowe's in 12 hours, LOLOLOL. You crack me up. I swear that since we started this house crap we are at Lowe's every 12 minutes.


Hi, I just found your blog... I'll be back. I just read about you pulling that sewing machine base out of your own private dump. It is soo cool. I'm dying to know what else is down there. Thanks for sharing, Janet

laurie magpie ethel

Good for you for hitting some decent sales. I didn't hit any as I was part of the "mom squad" today for a pep assembly at the kids high school. Nothing sounded good anyhow so I don't think I missed much.
Can't wait to see you in one of those stylish hats.

p.s. I have the occasional insomnia also.

Brenda Kula

On my way home from an errand today, I took the long route and looked for some sales. Found one estate sale that was pretty much sold out. And the rest so expensive I didn't care to look further. So glad YOU found some goodies though!


I had a good day at sales also. Its about time.


I'd say you did quite well! No wonder you woke up early...! Now, you've got me wanting to go next week! I love your Christmas things, especially!

Lavender Dreamer

The aprons are precious..and the jingle bells! I love your treasures! Happy hunting! ♥

Valarie Kraft

Love, love, love the aprons...and the Christmas goodies, don't even get me started on how much I adore them. Have a fabulous weekend.


Obviously you have had a great start to your yard sale season. The chenille spread is so pretty, and I can't wait to see what you're going to make with those cute Christmas decorations.


Great finds! I love the aprons. Hee Hee~ That sequinned hat is loopy alright.


You're going to make me one of those loopy sequin hats, aren't you? If not, just send me the bedspread. (Great finds!)


Geez B - I get insomnia from work not yard sales (something definetly wrong in my universe compared to yours!). Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the chenille! Jewels


looks like you did pretty good! i love when you stumble on one that's really fun! have a nice weekend! susan

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