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May 20, 2010


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When I first started collecting ornaments in 2001, one of the first ones I bought at a big flea market was a pink tear drop one like those bells. (Now I do wonder why though? It is NOTHING like the other 9,000 ornaments in my collection. Ha.)

laurie magpie ethel

These Christmas treasures would have all come home with me as well. Good surgery on Santa - he looks as good as new! Digging the sugary bells!


Love love love everything. I am drooling.ho cares if it isn't christmas. Thanks for sharing.

Into Vintage

Thanks goodness you've been harvesting those body parts, Dr. Oodles. Looks like a nosectomy is in order - stat!

Beth Leintz

Love those original price tags- and pink and plastic- that's a HAPPY combination.


what is the value on the spun cotton creatures? A local store has a bunch of spun cotton halloween cupcake pics, I was thinking of getting them but was not sure what a fair price was...

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