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May 27, 2010


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Awesome! So happy for you!

Into Vintage

Congrats! I've sold at antique malls over the years and it was always great fun.

1,000 dealers? How big is this place? Definitely sounds like it would be worth the drive from Oregon...all 2,676 miles. *sigh*

laurie magpie ethel

Hey Amy of Into Vintage...let's roadtrip from Oregon to see Oodles and Oodles antique space...we can make it a wild trip full of lots of junking and the highlight will be checking out the mall case AND meeting the new proprietor of this amazing case at the end of the road! Congrats....it looks great!


Congratulations, I have been thinking about doing the same thing hope I get the sign when it is in my stars! Hugs, Diane


Congrats! Your case looks great. I really enjoyed having a booth space. Haven't done it for a while now but someday I'll get back to it.


Wish I was closer so I could visit your mall. You have some cute merchandise. Good luck to you. I have enjoyed having an antique booth and hope you will too.


Well that's pretty darn exciting. I would love to do a booth at a local antique mall, if only we had a decent local antique mall full of cool stuff like your case.
xo, suzy

Lavender Dreamer

I'm very happy for you! Can't wait to hear how you do and what you buy when you are there! heehee! Is that an Uncle Wiggly book? I wish I could come and shop! ♥


I'll have to stop by !


I would love to own a store for one reason...arranging cool vintage stuff. Your shelves are gorgeous!


Congratulations! Your shelves look inviting.

I especially like that hat box.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

HURRAY! Welcome to the land of Booth Renters! I am loving the way you have displayed and it looks like everything is so very reasonably priced...You rock!

My booth is shutting down for the summer months since we are gone so much and my sales peter out (I am more of winter/Christmas seller, haha) and I need to get cleared out Monday at 4pm...how sad is that? I am sure there will be a sniffle as we drive away that day.

So I am going to live vicariously through YOUR booth this summer...post lots of pics, ok??


Cherie Moore

Your display is beautiful! Such a great variety of things you've selected. I'll excited to hear about this new venture of yours :) I've been lurking for quite awhile now and so enjoy your posts. Thank you!


How exciting!! Wish I was there - I see things that I would want to buy!

Linda @ A La Carte

Your display looks fab and how fun for you! Good luck and I hope you get lots of sales. Your items look great, wish I was closer so I could visit!


I am with you all the way. Monday I just posted that I am opening up a shop. It is a brand new adventure for me and I am already tired, doing all the painting and new floor etc. for the space but so excited to open the shop. It is the start of a new journey. Good luck to you. I will be watching your progress.


Congratulations to you on opening your first space!! Hoping it's a huge success (although i am secretly saddening that your readers like me won't get a chance at purchasing those fabulous chrome canisters you found last weekend!)

Best of luck with your endeavours...shopping and selling! And if we make a trip back to NY, i'll be begging my Moose to take me to see your spot!


Looks great!!!!! Please tell me how to get started and how to reasonably price the items! I have been collecting for years and now it's time to let some things go. I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing ♥

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

Congratulations. Your space looks wonderful.
I'll send my sister to visit, my nephew starts school at RIT in the fall.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Congrats Barbara! I can tell by these pictures that if I stepped into that antique mall, I would feel an inescapable magnetic pull right to your booth! It's got all of my faves in it, and I just know that you're going to be a raging success!

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