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May 24, 2010


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You know what I think? I think that older people (I have to watch myself, I'm getting older) who have lived through the depression or the aftermath have a tendency to buy and just store things new like that - my grandmother had drawers and chests full of new sheets and towels, she just kept using the same ones over and over and never opened them. she had canned food under beds and in drawers, and my mother says they never went without during the depression, my grandmother was just very careful. I also think it's overwhelming to them because they have so much they've packed away for a rainy day that it's just easier to buy some more on sale and cram it on top- and then forget about that - I hope that doesn't happen to me with my yard sale, love of vintage, can't pass that up, etc.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love the wonderful Christmas things you found! That said Aunt Jane may have been a little lonely and bored and 'shopping' helped that. I think my Mom did some of that right after my Dad passed away. Not so much now as she doesn't get out of the house as much. It's sad, but hey if it helps someone get through the day I say whats the harm. I am glad you rescued the vintage Christmas and will treasure them.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Three cheers for Aunt Jane! She sounds like my Mom, who has packed away all of the good old stuff that I love, and keeps buying the new junk from Terry's Village and the dollar store!


What kept you going through 40 boxes of new dollar stuff to find these treasures?

I, too, am very happy that Aunt Jane kept all these old decorations, because I am imagining some pretty fabulous Christmas wreaths and decorations made from her stuff that are going to appear in someone's Etsy shop later this year.


I'm insanely envious of your great vintage Christmas finds!
Thanks so much for sharing them - I love to see vintage Christmas, no matter what time of year!


I'm totally with you. Jadeite, Christmas ornaments and can I add melmac? All make me pretty darn happy. I love your blog because you have the best stuff.

Freckled Hen

My daughter brought a friend along with us to two estate sales this weekend and the friend was politely horrified. It made me feel funny as I envisioned this sweet girl going home and telling her mother I was digging through boxes of whatnot with excitement (because I was). But I got over it when I bought five boxes of sewing stuff for $5. My daughters and I consider estate sales our trip to the mall. We love going.
I'll admit to you that I force myself not to buy Christmas stuff (I have to draw the line somewhere) and more than once I have thought oh boy if Mrs Oodles was here...


The Gods were good to you you must be doing something right! I LOVE your new found treasures very cool, I too get very happy finding Vintage Christmas. Hugs, Diane


I agree with you about the sentimentality of estate sales. We are not our things!! I love those tinseled picks! Aunt Jane had some really cool stuff!

laurie magpie ethel

Man on man, that Aunt Jane was one with it woman...I am swooning over all the wonderful stuff you found. I LOVE THAT WOMAN! I don't know if I can read your posts all week if they keep up in this manner...jealousy is rearing its head on this end. Where, oh where, is Aunt Jane near my house?

Lavender Dreamer

I love vintage Christmas! Beautiful! ♥


Ha, this is funny - my blog is AuntJanesAttic and of course this came up in my google alerts this morning...I too came across a huge box of vintage Christmas last summer and almost swooned right there in the driveway. Very similar to what you found - still looking for more - I love vintage Christmas and can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing!


I am seriously green with envy! What a treasure sale! :) Oh how I wish they had better estate sales around me. I went to one and it was full of weird things made out of wood and lot's of deer heads. Hmm. Great finds!

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