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May 19, 2010


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laurie magpie ethel

Ditto on those blocks being a favorite find. Those are awesome! At a perfect find just before the fourth of July rolls around!

Linda @ A La Carte

The blocks are so cute! That is a great find!!! Love the watering can!


Well isn't that special! haha Couldn't resist, sorry!

I thought of you today when I saw giant bags of flour in calico sacks at the local grocery. I don't think I'll buy a bazillion pounds of flour to get one, but the next time I need white flour I'll buy the "Bluebird" brand and get the beautiful printed bag it comes in!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I want those blocks!

Beth Leintz

Ahhh- the breeze from a vintage fan is better than air conditioning- at least when its 70 degrees.

Lavender Dreamer

Love the blocks...just adorable! What fun you have! Can I come along next time? ♥


Those blocks are AWESOME!


Love the blocks! I haven't seen any like that before.

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