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June 16, 2010


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Lavender Dreamer

I love it! Call me...I'll come bail you out! heeheehee! Love your Christmas treasures! ♥

Tamera Wolfe

well, book me cell next to yours. I'm guilty of the same crimes against kitschy crap with cool stuff on it.
LOVE your "pickin's"


This is the funniest post I've read in a REALLY long time! Thanks! And of course, we'll bail you out...

Linda @ A La Carte

You had me at the angel heads! This cracked me up and believe me I needed that today! You are so funny and I will come bail you out also! Destroying 1960's centerpieces...priceless!

Into Vintage

OH. MY. I laughed OUT LOUD so hard the cat jumped off my lap.

I'm baking a cake right now with some pipecleaners and a hot glue gun inside so you can break out, MacGyver-style.


Best post ever!

Maybe we'll have adjoining cells--you for Wanton Destruction of Ugly Crafts, Me for Possession of a Controlled Laundry-drying Device. Perhaps the best we can hope for is a jury of our peers--providing our peers are a bunch of bloggers like us.

Actually, I think that considering the hideousness of those centerpieces, what you did was a public service. Those things were SCARY.


Well girlfriend I know all of us girls in Blogland will stand in your defense and even group our money together to post bail, you just keep doing what your doing cause something is just so right about it! Oh my brother is a cop I will have him talk to someone that will in turn talk to someone and you can be free by Christmas! oxox, Diane

Freckled Hen

This is funny!
I wish I could walk into the house that was home to the feathery angel centerpiece. I bet it was glorious in its day.
Thanks for the smile!


You are so clever. This is so funny. I always enjoy myself when I visit. Thank you for making me smile. I love being a follower of your good times.


somebody HAD to do it.

laurie magpie ethel

Well dear, if they haul you in they may be taking me in as well...could we be cell mates? I too am guilty of destroying old centerpieces, door decorations and Christmas stocking. I have one of those cute angel heads, but I was not involved in the decapitation...it came as just a head. I'd ask for a diet Dr. Pepper and try to get off on a lighter sentence...the green movement..repurposing so things don't end up in landfills. They may just buy it...
Just in case it sounds like Into Vintage has a back-up plan with her cake baking skills. Always good to have a plan B.

Great post!!!

Beth Leintz

Arrest you? No way- you were doing a community service by salvaging what you could of those poor abused angels.

Elaine Richardson

I know a good lawyer if the need arises....

Brenda Kula

You sure made me laugh! I'll come see you in the joint and sneak in craft supplies if I can get them past security.


Is it bad that I liked the pink feathers?


OMG, those feathery dresses...they make me think of drag shows, is that wrong? LOL!


I love that centerpiece. The pink feathered dresses for the angels were awesome, I would have left the heads on!


I wake up every morning hoping you have a new post...this one was great! You are the best! I'll help bail you out, but I'm going to stop first and try to find some of those wonderful sales. Maybe I'll have a chance to buy, since you will be in the "big house" hehe.

Jenny S

hehehe! We will bail you out! But you have to pay up with some of those bells!! hahaha!


Look at it this way, you'd never be convicted by a jury of your *peers*!!

Barbara, I'm glad you find us worthy of your mad writing skills!

L O V E those birds!!

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