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June 23, 2010


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My dogs and cats eat from Fiesta dishes that I bought at the factory store (cheap but really good seconds). My sister-in-law thought I was nuts when I said "I'll buy these for the dog" but he's been eating and drinking from the same bowls for at least 5 years now. So much more fun than the pet store dishes.


What a good idea. I really need to do this for Lucy & Dinah and Elvis because their pet dishes are just random human plastic.

I'm glad Ferris has a friend now -- maybe he'll stop bugging Carson -- that Wendell is pretty cute.


The cats are currently eating from some old pyrex. And drinking from an old RRP pottery bowl. Oh yes they are. (We can't use plastic. It gives my fat cat acne. Not kidding.)

Into Vintage

Perhaps it would lessen your discomfort about buying something not vintage if you think of it as 'not yet vintage' with the hope that those new pet dishes will be passed down from dog to cat to dog for generations to come.

PS Nice action shot with the dishes in use.

LiLi M.

We could easily shop together as I have exactly the same thoughts and I whisper: decorate housewives, decorate at the expense of Asian workers and throw everything out within 4 years and decorate again. Don't think of mother nature. And so on. I always get tired of myself, but the two of us could have fun! Your dogs are lucky! Eating or drinking out of red polka dots must make them even more cheery!



Your new pet dishes are beautiful! I'm inspired by your food containers - I need to replace the hideous Rubbermaid.

Our dog ate out of a small jadite bowl until SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY BROKE IT! ugh. She isn't picky about what she eats off of, but in places where the weather is hot, pets prefer to drink out of ceramic. She's too short to drink out of porcelain! ;)


They look so cute with their new dishes! Love the red and white combination. Your neighbor dogs are cute, too--hope they can stay out of mischief!

(I got my wooden flag blocks today, they are SO CUTE! Thanks!)

Linda @ A La Carte

Charlie drinks from a nice Pyrex bowl and has a couple of cute 'cat' dishes for his wet food and a large ceramic 'dog' bowl for his dry food.... :) Good Kitty! Love all the dogs and they are cute!


Those are some super-great looking pet food dishes! I use vintage dishes for my cat, along with two bowls purchased expressly for his own use at the Sanrio store. Our Dizzy Kitty is livin' large.

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

That beautiful cat food canister matches the Wilendur American Beauty tablecloth you bought last summer. Some lucky kitty.


What great dishes!! And sweet puppies!!
Hugs, lisa

laurie magpie ethel

Great dishes, am sure your pets eat with more gusto from such cute bowls. Am glad you updated their dishes and are no longer HORRIFIED by the previous chipped/mismatched/puppy day bowls. You can sleep easy tonight!

Karla Nathan

It can be very painful to shop in "real" stores. Pricewise, especially. Marshalls and TJMAxx are about the only ones I can handle.

New is just the only way to go sometimes. I tried vintage pottery for my dog dishes, just to find out that the lead level can be dangerous in the old glazed things. So, I'm using new for them now too.


I love that Wendell - what a sweet face! And am so glad he's at Camp Ferris for the summer, where he'll be kept busy with all sorts of fun canine activities.
I love the new dishes too....as well as the cooperative pets posing for the shot!

I store our dry kibble in an old green bread box. It's metal, with a hinged lid - looks nice in my kitchen and because the lid is hinged it allows my nosey bigger dog to open it and look inside....he never eats from there - just checks to make sure it's full. It's really strange.
Thanks for the great post!

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